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How'd I lose the weight?

“Sherrie, How much weight have you lost?”

I get this question ALL the time. Or, “What did you have to eat to lose the weight?”

I get asked these questions ALL the time by people WHO KNEW ME when I was bigger. But for those of you who didn’t know me at my biggest, I want to share my testimony with you.

If you’re interested in learning what I had to do, and how it changed me, I would encourage you to hit plan this video. It might be just the encouragement that you need today on your weight-loss journey. It might be exactly what you need to hear to be filled with a restored sense of hope with what is possible for yourself… even in weight loss!

In case you've been interested in working with me, here are a few announcements that you may be interested in knowing:

The Seeker's Method for weight loss WILL begin on 1/10/22. If you'd like to SAMPLE TSM, I am hosting ONE WEEK OF FREE COACHING with me, inside of a private Facebook group starting on 1/3/22.

By visiting my website you can

1. save your seat for the free week of coaching or

2. sign up to be notified WHEN TSM opens.

Oh! IF you are planning to enroll in TSM (some women just know they want in) you may want to grab YOUR copy of the workbook. Ok. That was a lot of updates. All the links are below for you. As always, my free podcast WILL totally encourage you to prioritize & deepen your relationship with God and SHOW you how to LET God help you on your weight loss journey.


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