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If cheating on your diet is sin; how do you stop doing it?

I'm going to tell you how I STOPPED sabotaging my food choices just by fueling the right voice in my head. You know what I mean. That little voice in your head that talks to you all day long. The voice that convinces you that THIS diet will make you skinny, THIS time. And then, the same voice that tells you that you deserve that ice cream with the family because you’ve eaten well for two solid weeks. That voice inside of your head can serve you greatly or destroy you. It’s all a matter of your distance. Your distance from God & proximity TO the world. For so many of us, we seek to change our bodies using the knowledge of this world and we are in a constant state of consuming information about dieting and changing ourselves from the outside in. And as a result, we pick a diet plan, put our faith in it and start walking toward our goal weight and goal date. All of this; void of God. Our faith is in ourselves, our current diet and the way we’re going to look when we arrive at skinny. I was this person for so long. It worked for a long time, until I had consumed all of the world and the world had consumed me. I was a product of my environment in every sense of the word. I tried and failed all of the diets and I struggled to say no to the wine at night which ALWAYS led to the nachos or popcorn. All of that kept me stuck in some seriously depressing fat pants. And then something changed. I realized that the voice in my head seemed to have a mind of its own. I began to lean in and listen to the guidance I was receiving and started to change my interest from the gym; to HIM. Just like I was being told; I stopped seeking the world and started seeking God. And in that ONE decision was the difference in my entire life, from the inside out. I stopped cheating on my DIET the minute I found out that DISOBEDIENCE IS SIN. And that SIN IS BETRAYAL. No one ever broke down sin and told me that it breaks my fellowship with God. AND…the best part!? That God is willing to forgive me and restore our relationship if I just ask. And then, day after day, I began to walk in the knowledge that I DO have a choice with my food; but it was all about which voice in my head that I fed. If I feed my relationship with God; I heard him. If I fed my relationship to the world; I heard the world and was weak against temptation. And in that decision, I had found the key to my obedience. Just like Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:24, for so long I thought my way was better and I hid from God. Then I just stopped hiding. So you may be asking yourself; "how do I feed my God Voice to strengthen my food choice?" 3 simple steps. To build a relationship with God you must reverse your worldy steps:

1. Drop the excuses & self-defenses with food. (Think of yours. Mine used to be: “I seriously can’t deal without cheese or wine, daily.”)

2. Stop trying to hide from God by seeking your physical shape over your spiritual development. Who you are becoming IS more important than JUST being skinny! God wants you to seek Him. And when you do; He changes you from the inside out. There are no fad diets with God; no get skinny quick tricks. Just HIS supernatural strength to help you arrive at skinny and the strength to STAY THERE. And when you arrive at your skinny jean promise land; you won’t be the same person you were when you started your journey with him!

3. Actively put your faith IN HIM and become convinced that Gods way IS better than YOUR own way. Adam & Eve are your example. They did JUST the opposite. And in their disobedience to just not eat from one tree; they were cursed. Do you feel cursed with your belly fat? Is it bringing you down? I ask this because FOR SO MANY years; I was a depressed prisoner to my body. I was stuck seeking the answers in the world, and I suffered the consequences of my choices.

Lay it down. Trade the gym for Him.

The more you build that relationship with God, being sensitive to the ways that HE moves and thoughts that HE fills you with, the more you will be able to hear Gods words in ANY given situation. Like a Christian Life Coach, The Holy Spirit shares information with you, guides you to truth and counsels you. But none of this will happen if you’re only cultivating a relationship with God on Sundays, or twice a year at Easter & Christmas. I am ENCOURAGING you to lay down the gym for him, starting today. Stop seeking the number on the scale and start seeking God. He’s going to coach you via the Holy Spirit, and you will find yourself changing from the inside out! How do I know? Because He did it to me and he’s doing it for the women I coach.

If We can do all of this; you can too!


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