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This is everything!

Whether you're NEW to The Seeker's Method, just wanting to LEVEL UP your progress as you go through it, OR even if you're NOT even in TSM, this workbook is for you!


The journaling prompts that are provided in this workbook are Christian Life Coaching questions. YOUR answers to the questions on these pages could be the very thing needed to help you renew your mind with God's leadership.


Having THIS WORKBOOK and then DOING the work of answering the prompts is like having a Christian Life Coach with you every step of the way!


Why would you want this workbook?


This workbook and the ONLINE program provide a phased approach to food and exercise where weight loss is a byproduct of restored health  spiritually, emotionally and physically. Though most women join TSM for the weight loss, they continue with the program because of the life they gain in Christ!


Through their faith, Seeker's inside of TSM find healing for the ways they think, feel and act around food as they begin to understand more completely the bigger picture of their progress. This workbook is intended to complement the book & online program.

TSM Workbook of Journaling Prompts

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