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Christian life coach?

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Is Christian Life Coaching LIKE Therapy or Counseling?


No...let me explain...

Christian Life Coaching is NOT Therapy or counseling. Rather, Christian Life Coaching is where I help you to chart the direction of your life by working with you to identify the obstacles that are keeping you from greatness.


In my formal training to become a Christian Life Coach, I was given the tools to come along side you to NOT ONLY fix what’s broken NOW, but to HELP YOU think differently so you can think more strategically when something gets in your way in the future.


While I do offer private coaching now, I also have a weight loss program which serves to teach you how to BETTER SERVE YOURSELF. My intention with the women I coach is introduce a new way of thinking which removes the need for a Christian Life Coach as you step into a deeper relationship with God.

My Christian Coaching Practice is helping women to step out of the problems of everyday life, and into an AMAZING Life according to Gods promises.


If you're interested in working with me but you're not sure if we're a fit, schedule a discovery call today. It's Free! 


Who knows...working with a CHRISTIAN Life Coach may be JUST the thing that gets you back on track for the life that GOD intended for you to live!

IF YOU WOULD like to see if we are a fit before working with me as a Coach, please complete this online application.

Christian Life Coaching with SK

Coaching is DIFFERENT from Counseling and Therapy. As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I partner with YOU & The Holy Spirit to uncover where you're stuck and in need of clarity in any area of your life. Life Coaching is PROFOUNDLY life giving.


When you work with me, I do not TELL you what to do to get unstuck, you and I partner to uncover what it is that GOD would have you do to proceed in the direction you're meant to go. Life Coaching is powerful. I should know because even I have a Christian Life Coach!


My coaching packages are offered only in 1 month increments unless otherwise arranged, and include 2 meetings per month with me via phone or zoom. Click or tap the link below to view the full details and enrollment options! 

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