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Sherrie Kapala - Christian Weight-Loss Coaching for Women - Christian Life Coaching - Bott


Enrollment is currently closed!

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Enrollment is currently closed.


I am so excited that you’re here, looking into The Seeker's Method for weight loss!


The Seeker's Method for weight loss IS NOT a diet. In fact, while it IS a weight loss program, it’s not your typical program. Most programs teach you meal plans, calorie counting, exercising and prompt you to weigh in frequently. The Seeker’s Method is NOT that kind of program. I like to explain TSM as a Life Coaching for weight loss program that teaches you HOW to leverage the power of the Holy Spirit to step out of your weight loss obstacles.


For many of us, finding the perfect meal plan for weight loss isn’t a problem. What we DO have a problem with is we don’t know how to stop yielding to temptation, how to stop quitting, and/or to stop feeling defeated in our weight loss struggles. The Seekers Method bridges the gap between our Spirit, Mind and Body so that weight loss becomes a natural byproduct.


It has worked for MANY women now, including those pictured below. I invite you to review their experiences and learn how their lives have changed. As you scroll down, you’ll find more information about the types of membership into the program along with who might be best suited for each membership.


I look forward to seeing you inside of The Seeker's Method for weight loss!

my own journey

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This is ME, ladies!! For years, I struggled to find a “diet” or a weight loss program that met me where I was in life.


As I stepped further into motherhood, and out of my 30's, weight loss increasingly became a problem. An absolute uphill battle. For me, it evolved into a source of depression.


As my identity and my time shifted from being ‘me focused’ to ‘other focused’, I lost grasp of my ability to control much in my life. The idea of losing control of my appearance led me to isolation and even alcohol.


Soon, I was on a cocktail of antidepressants and failing to lay hold of my worldly desires of perceived success. Until I prayed for God to guide me, to help me find the right weight loss program. And in that instant; I heard his answer in my heart. He told me that I “hadn’t found it because I hadn’t written it, yet!”


What HE knew then was that I would go on to live out and write The Seekers Method. The Seekers Method for weight loss is a God directed, God empowered method for weight loss that has equipped me with the tools that I needed to achieve my physical goals while seeking Gods will for my life.

Since writing and DOING the Seekers Method, I have truly learned HOW to stop conforming to the patterns of this world with diets and instead to actually renew my mind and thinking patterns to SEE life through spiritual eyes as I transform my body.


With every day that I switched my focus from seeking a number on a scale to seeking Him; He strengthened me to become who he’s meant for me to be all along. If The Seeker’s Method for Weight Loss can work for me; it can work for you too!  But don't just take my word for it, here are a variety of testimonials from other Seeker's ladies just like you! 

View testimonials from Sherrie's Clients! (Don't worry, you won't leave this page)

Which level of access is right for you? Click the corresponding access video below to see which option sounds like the best match for YOUR SPECIFIC coaching needs.


Enrollment Options


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Enrollment is Open!

  • Sunday Group Coaching Sessions

  • Daily Program walk through

  • Community Support

  • Monthly Seeker Calendar-that maps out the road ahead

  • FULL Seeker's Method Academy access

    • Phase outlines

    • Seekers Toolbox

    • Food decisions

    • All 25 Seeker's Method Training Modules!

Enrollment is closed.


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VIP Access is Currently Full

  • VIP packages are designed around your needs. 

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  • Weekly accountability check-in with Coach.

  • 1 scheduled strategy session (Food selection/planning discussion).

  • 2 scheduled monthly coaching calls.

  • Up to 10 video coaching calls across 3 months. 


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