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Please watch these first two videos before proceeding into The Seeker's Method Self-Paced Experience!

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A Quick Note from Sherrie

About The Seeker's Method

Let's Dive Right In!

This is The Seeker's Method 7-Day Calendar!  To download and/or print this CLICK HERE


Day 1: 

Welcome to The Seeker's Method Experience

These ‘daily’ posts; what are they how should you follow them? They are about SETTING your mind on the right things in life as it relates to your faith and your food. You will notice that these daily posts have a corresponding scripture. I encourage you to look them up and think about them in the context of your weight loss journey. Most of them will be thought provoking and my prayer is that they will open your eyes to a new way of losing weight by activating your Spiritual Strength over your physical efforts.

• You will need a spiral notebook for our week together.


Look up the scripture, Philippians 4:6 and write it in your spiral notebook. Now, finish it with my favorite ending…even in weight loss! For so many of us, we’ve not invited God to the kitchen beyond blessing our food and giving thanks. Trust me; Blessing & thanking him is A GREAT THING, but why haven’t we invited into the temptations with our food? And if we do invite him; how do we stay obedient!? There’s so much you’re going to learn on this one-week journey. I hope you’re as excited as I am!? Today I encourage you to marinate in that scripture and then get curious about your current thoughts about food, weight loss and the idea of going another year without a solution to your weight issue.



Today I would like you to think about a meal plan that you can see yourself selecting as the tool to help you lose weight. I ENCOURAGE women to pick a plan that steps her OFF of grains, sugars and even dairy. (Dairy is a negotiable, but grains and sugars are not). While I do suggest you find a plan that you like, I also recommend a few: Whole30, Paleo, Ketogenic, Primal and Wheat Belly. Each of these plans will help you to remove the suggested food groups.


• Note: WW is not a supported ‘meal plan’ within this program because its emphasis is on counting calories and isn’t void of sugar, dairy, or grains. That is NOT to say you couldn't do WW after you've successfully graduated as a Seeker and have pushed out of your weight loss resistance/weight problem.

NOTE:  If you'd like to DIG DEEPER  into to some more info for Day 1, CLICK HERE  for additional free content!

Day 2:

Look up and write out Romans 12:2  |  As you write this out, I encourage you to think about HOW you’ve been conforming to the patterns of this world with dieting and just eating in general. We’ve ALL been so conditioned to count calories, weigh our food and bodies and leverage will power to say no to the incredibly addicting foods around us. Doing all of those things got me fat. Kept me fat and fed a profoundly deep and growing sadness within me. Today, you’re going to learn what it’s like to be a Seeker who awakens to the conviction that rests in the acceptance of this scripture inclusive of her food choices.

Day 3:

Yup. You're gonna need your notebook. THIS ONE IS SO GOOD. That's not me bragging on me; I'm bragging on God! He laid ALL of these tools before me and I just picked them up and believed. If I can do this, Seekers, YOU can too! {And The Community of Seekers I coach are also doing this; so welcome to the Seekers Method Club!} 

• Special Note: Inside TSM, things don't move THIS quickly nor is the content this deep EVERY DAY. It's a crumb trail format where I slowly lead you so not to overwhelm you, but to offer deeper dives when/as needed to to build your strength in the spirit vs. practicing weakness in your flesh.>>


Ephesians 4:22-24  |  How a Seeker Activates her faith and begins to release weight: This scripture helps us to see that we, as Christians, should throw off our old sinful nature and former way of life which is corrupted by lust and deceptions. Instead, we’re to let the spirit renew our thoughts and attitudes. But how do we apply this to our food, to sabotage, temptation and craving? It’s more about how and with whom.
I’ll share the HOW in the video today. And the with whom; is the Holy Spirit. Girl, this isn’t your typical weight loss program. This is the beginning of becoming a Seeker who releases weight because her faith is ALIVE! 

Today I'm going to help you understand ACTUAL ways that Seekers lose weight through what they do and how they overcome not 'feeling' like doing things. Get ready to take notes!

Day 4:

Look up and write out 2 Timothy 1:7


The Seekers Method isn’t a diet; it’s a deepened relationship with God. It's a lifestyle where we see ourselves as being led by HIS Holy Spirit and through our relationship with HIM, the Holy Spirit leads us to obedience through discipline. The way in which we exchange our strength to overcome this world and its many unhealthy foods is by learning to be led in the spirit; not the flesh. And one of the ways we do this is by

trusting Gods Word. If He says we weren’t given a spirit of fear, that means we don’t have anything to fear OR DOUBT when our focus is on CHRIST; even in weight loss. There isn’t any donut you can’t resist, Seeker! And if God gave you a Spirit of Power, then we’re going to talk today about HOW to activate that power by making our flesh become obedient. We’re going to start by looking at how we plan for success as a seeker. I hope you’ll watch today’s video!

Day 5:

You're going to WANT to have a pen, paper and a beverage. Prepare to leave this workshop a different woman! (LOL!) Our GOD is THAT Good!!


Now I KNOW when you read today’s scriptures, you’re going to either think, or audibly utter an, “oh no.” But I assure you, today’s video will be POWERFUL! In the meantime, write out these two scriptures and prepare to take notes about them with today’s video.

Matthew 6:5-6: {It will change you if you let it!}
“And when you pray..."

Matthew 6:16-18
"And when you fast..."

Day 6:

Such much of the diet and weight loss “industry” is about changing your body with your will, determination and focus. The diet industry failed me as a maturing female because I needed a deeper connection to my food stories so that I could understand them and see them as they really were. I knew I had to start my weight loss journey from the inside out, but no programs went ‘inside’ in the way my spirit needed. Until God! In this scripture today you will see the beautiful parts of the entire person that makes us up. This scripture was a part of my awakening to becoming a Seeker. It was here, in addition

to a host of MANY other scriptures that I began to see myself the way God sees me. I’m a Spirit. With a Soul. Living in a Body. NO WONDER I couldn’t lose weight. I was trying to lose it by being led with my body. Even the scripture STARTS with the spirit!


Look up 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and then hold on. Today you’re going to learn The Seekers Spiritual Thought Model©.

Day 7:

Let's wrap this experience up with a Sunday Seeker's Sesh!

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