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4 weight loss tips 2 GET YOU UNSTUCK!

THE SINGLE BIGGEST THING I did to lose my middle-age weight, was to change what I thought about and DID every single day.

My weight loss success is found in my daily routine.

What I do on a daily basis MATTERS.

When I was STUCK and COULDN’T LOSE WEIGHT: I thought I was a night owl, I thought I had to drink wine to cope with life and I was a connoisseur of all of the shows. I also thought my mornings HAD to look like me sitting with a cup of my favorite coffee, blaring morning Television until the coffee hit my veins.

I was wrong. And all of this is what kept me from the amazing life that GOD had in store for me.

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE THIS…keep reading. THIS is how I stopped living TRAPPED IN MY FAT PANTS! What I did to stop the cycle of self-defeat was I started LIVING differently. From a place of trusting that what I DO EVERY DAY creates either life or death. And the minute I realized that I WAS THE ONE KILLING MY GOALS…I stopped.

But I didn’t stop doing this with any fancy methods.

I stopped by looking at and swapping the habits & routines that were actively destroying me. And they were obvious because they were so basic and so clearly things that I wanted and nothing I needed.

Tip #1: An amazing day always starts the night before because weight loss won't happen on accident!

My routine STARTS with prioritizing bedtime. I never used to want to go to bed early, but now I know that if I want to have a great day and want to actually lose weight; I need sleep. Lack of sleep affects my hormones and hormonal alignment is essential for weight loss, ESPECIALLY at my age. ((If you want to start going to bed earlier; identify what you need to get done and what you need to stop doing so you can start getting to bed earlier. Put together a schedule, tweak it, and just lean into practicing it slowly)).

Tip #2: Set the TONE for tomorrow by prepping your start!

Every night, after we clean up after dinner, I prep my water for the next day, pack tomorrow's lunches/foods needed & my coffee. I also prep my morning Bible Study. If I do this…it just helps me to set my intention for the next day and reminds me WHY I need to get to bed on time!

Tip#3: I wake up EARLY so to AVOID Chaos.

Chaos in thoughts, feelings and moods. Waking early is easy; it’s just that we believe the excuse that we can’t wake early more than we believe that it’s possible to wake early. I didn’t START waking up at 4:30am…I had to lead up to it. Slowly by going to bed earlier…I started getting up earlier. First it was 6:00 am. Then 5:45 am. And once that seemed do-able and I was able to get to bed even earlier, I started getting up at 5am. You get what I’m saying here. Getting up early does not mean to sleep less. It means GO TO BED earlier! Now I say good night to my kids, and I put myself TO BED!

Tip#4: If you want to change your ENTIRE LIFE: Prioritize Your Relationship with God!

Jesus didn’t die to give you a RELIGION. He died to give you ACCESS to an eternal life.


And that requires concerted effort as you create a relationship WITH GOD! What relationship do you have in your life that’s ever grown and strengthened by accident? Can you even HAVE a relationship with someone if you don’t ever MAKE time for them? Can you even claim to KNOW someone else if you’ve never listened to them talk or heard their voice?

Then how will you ever have a relationship with God if you don’t make time to be with Him. Faith in God means knowing and trusting in His word and THAT requires you being IN His word. So, if you can’t be with God in the morning; when CAN you? For me mornings work because life often takes over too much during the day and somehow, God was always cancelled on my schedule.

I encourage you to find your morning routine and start it the night before and to PRIORITIZE God on your schedule. Every day. Without fail.

I also encourage you to just start 1 thing new at a time as you work toward change. Then...step into the next new thing.

If you’re trying to lose weight in 2021 and need MORE inspiration, tips, accountability and encouragement on your weight loss journey, subscribe to my podcast here…and fill your mind with what God’s word says about your life…even in weight loss!


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