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Christian weight loss recipe

I teach women all the time about seeking and pursuing God's will for their lives, over their own. Trust me...not a popular topic. Everyone just wants to lose weight NOW and to hear a Coach tell them how things get easier when they get in alignment with God's will DOES NOT make most women excited. At first. Until they realize that God's ways & plans, ARE WAY greater than anything we could ask or imagine. The MOST amazing thing about Him is that ONCE you surrender the scale, and seeking the temporal things of this world, and you begin to focus on Him the things that REALLY matter, you begin to DESIRE to do His will. And then you begin to step into something called obedience. Obedience to GOD'S plan and will. And that's where it all gets easier. You start to DESIRE to do God's will (obey your meal plan, want to read your bible, change your friends, your language, your entertainment...) When you arrive at this state not only do you get the desire to do his will; but you get the power to do it. Do you really think God cares about how much you weigh and whether or not you look hot in a bikini after having 3 kids? No. But He does care about your health, well-being and your walk with Him. When you align YOUR will with His will, power and strength merge with desire. This is how God blessed me with weight loss. NO ONE ever told me any of this and I don't want that for you. I want you to know that God will help you lose weight but it will only be because He wants you to find your life IN HIM.


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