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Discipline hack

Losing weight requires discipline. If you're anything like me, the idea of discipline makes you want to rebel and quit before you start. The main reason I didn't do well with self-discipline was because I was NEVER TAUGHT HOW to discipline myself. Nor was I given skills TO step myself into being skilled at discipline. I was, however, really good at starting off the New Year with the most amazing disciplines for a solid 2 week period. And inevitably, I felt like a prisoner and began to quit every good thing I'd begun to set into motion.

And awakening came. I had NO idea that discipline was something I could activate more easily, as I aligned my walk with Christ. I mean, what!? And that's when it happened. The MINUTE I stepped ONTO the Narrow Path as a Christian, discipline changed. I stopped seeing it as this awful thing. I learned to THINK differently. I learned to see things from GODS point of view instead of my limited mindset. And in the concept of "Seeing discipline as JUST managing GOOD routines," I had my epiphany. Discipline is SELF-CARE. Self-care is not just limited to a polished manicure. It's how you care for your soul. When I began to tailor my thoughts to the idea that taking care of my soul; my thoughts about discipline changed. I began to see that DISCIPLINE was how I matured myself and cared for myself as I stepped forward as someone seeking spiritual maturity. And ya know what!? It caused me to lose weight. It was the way through the difficulty. Because I truly was limiting myself based upon my own limited thinking. If I thought discipline was awful; weight loss became empty and unsuccessful. But when I saw discipline as the routines to my self-care; weight loss became easy. Like, easy easy. And as I stepped into these new thought patterns, I learned that discipline was Biblical. I mean...WHO knew!? So today, I encourage you to change your thoughts about discipline. See this mountain you're trying to move as totally doable based upon how you routinely show up and take CARE of yourself via good routines. If I can do this; you can too!


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