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If YOU are struggling to lose weight, have a hard time sticking to a diet or saying NO to the WRONG FOODS... you may be like me. I didn't have a weight loss problem; I had an OBEDIENCE PROBLEM! Coupled with my inability to LOSE WEIGHT was the fact that I was going through peri-menopause and had become depressed about my size. At my biggest I was wearing size 10/12 pants and weight almost 160#. This is all fine for a woman MUCH TALLER than me. I'm barely holding on to being 5'2"!!! I ALWAYS LOOKED PREGNANT! ALWAYS. In these photos below, I was too embarrassed to let my husband see me in this dress. And now, it's 2020. I need an updated after photo b/c I'm smaller than my 'after' below. I don't tell you this to brag. I am sharing the call placed on my life. God has positioned me to use my mess as my message and to GUIDE WOMEN TO THEIR OWN WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS by teaching women (via The Seeker's Method) HOW to obey a meal plan, time their meals and prioritize their lives. TSM is NOT a diet. It's a lifestyle. It takes 90 days to complete and is only open 3 times a year. (Soon to be 1x a year).

The video that is attached to this blog entry is a FREE GIFT FOR YOU.

This is a SAMPLE of what it's like to be Coached during my Sunday Seeker Sessions inside of The Seeker's Method for weight loss.

Every Sunday I coach The Seeker's through TSM, and every DAY there is daily coaching via our private FB Community. It's POWERFUL and it's also the VERY THING that led me to my weight loss success after years of failure. At the time of this video, I was (am) 48 and have started to step into menopause. I NO longer have cravings, night sweats, severe mood swings, body aches or all of the amazing things that accompany a woman in peri-menopause/menopause. And...I REALLY DID lose weight by seeking God and not a number on the scale! IF YOU WANT TO sample what it's like to be coached by me; watch this video.

++If you want to take a MASTERCLASS on Weight loss; I'm offering it ONCE a year and this year it's on 12/26. Enroll here.

++If you want my 1 week of Free Coaching via The Seeker's Method Experience, sign up here;.

We start our week together on January 4th.

++If you want to just sign up for the next round of TSM already, enrollment WILL be open at the end of December/beginning of January 21 for 20 more women. THAT STARTS on 11 January 21. Get on the waiting list by going here.


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