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How 2 believe 4 the impossible...even in weight loss!

Every so often a song will lead me to writing a blog but today, writing this episode, led me to a song. The song is called “famous for (I believe)” by Tauren Wells. There are a few lyrics in that song that I really like such as, well, all of them. LOL. Because The lyrics in this song speak to God’s power and they encourage and remind us that when we place our faith in him; the impossible can happen. His faithfulness becomes our fortress and because our faith is in him, not in ourselves, we can do what HE is famous for!

It’s so good! I don’t own the rights to that song so that I could play it here for you today, so I encourage you to YouTube it after the show, especially if today’s topic resonates with where are you are on your weight loss journey.

Today I would like to turn your attention to Mark 11 verses 22 through 24. Mark 11:22 simply says, “Have faith in God”. And of course, I add to that, Even in weight loss! The world teaches us to have more faith in ourselves and shows us what to do to become stronger using our discipline, will, and various workout routines. All of this is great and super helpful. But for me it left me empty. So, when I say to have faith in God, even in weight loss, it is because he can do through you what you couldn’t accomplish alone. So today I encourage you even and especially if you are uncertain that God can or will help you lose weight, to put your faith in God. You see, if you’ve lost control of your waistline you may very likely have stumbled off of the narrow path in other areas of your Christian life as well. Maybe not. Perhaps the only stumbling block that you trip over is your self-control around food. But I want to remind you that the narrow path includes your entire life. TV, radio, how do you show up in your marriage, your friends, those who influence you, your language, and even your ability to forgive. Yes, forgiveness to. (More on that in a few minutes.) When you transfer your faith to God, Even in weight loss, it’s a conscious forward placement because it is easy to struggle in doing this because were used to putting our faith in ourselves and we have a past, we have experience with doing this. We have been conditioned. So, the word “put” here, implies consciously placing your faith in God. This will require effort. When you place your faith in God, it does not reside in your head. It is in your heart! True faith resides in your heart and it has the power to change you. True faith changes your heart and from your heart faith springs your ability to boldly believe that God can help you to become smaller, physically. It is amazing how the more room you make in your heart for him, by prioritizing him, the bigger place you give to him to reside within your heart. And as a result, the smaller you become both in your ego and in your pants! it is a process though. A journey. Because you need to learn how to stop conforming to the patterns of this world. Inside of the seekers method I walk with you as you step out of the patterns of worldly “intellectual faith” and step into your heart faith based upon God‘s word. Transformation from the inside out is amazing, it is how you position yourself for his blessings, even in weight loss. OK, so back to Mark 11. Now verse 23. Which says, “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, may you be lifted up and thrown into the sea, and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.”

OK. So, here’s where things start getting good. And where my own experience reflects God’s word, even in weight loss. This is also where the new age movement ensnared me. The whole “speak it into existence” thing. Telling your mountain what to do alone isn’t the end of the story. It is the beginning. In the context of weight loss, you can’t just speak to your belly fat and watch it rollaway. The Scripture says that you must really believe it and have no doubt in your heart. Because that is where your faith lives. When your faith is just in your head; in your intellect, doubt can exist. You need to approach seeking God for weight loss with God logic. His ways are not our own. His ways are not counting calories are weighing grams or buying protein drinks. When you have activated heart faith and you walk in that, it consumes every space within your heart, within your “KNOWER” if you will, so much so that doubt cannot exist. There’s just no vacancy. If you activate your heart faith, you accept God logic because it means that your human logic is gone. And any doubt you have is because you’re thinking about your past. In your head. Your faith in yourself for weight loss is behind you. Place your faith in God and in so doing you will see how illogical doubt is and therefore you can see why there is no room in your heart for it because doubt is darkness and when your heart is filled with God, there can be no darkness! It is interesting because when I started out on my journey to crucify my flesh and to seek him, and not the gym, it didn’t seem illogical at all. Once I woke up, and my heart was softened, I stood up with a new heart and just walked! I narrowed my path and I never looked back. Sometimes I had to sit on the path and learn hard lessons but once I did, I stood up stronger and more able to walk in obedience. In my early days, I gave God so much of my trust that I boldly prayed to be free from antidepressants and I was freed. I pray to be freed from wine, and it happened. All of this because I had heart faith. Not intellectual head faith. None of it happened overnight and none of it happened because I spoke those things to the mountain alone. No. Because faith is action. It is obedience. Faith is trusting God to do the impossible in your life while you do the difficult things to be positioned for his Work to happen. He won’t do for you what he is strengthening you to do. He has a role and so do you! This is not the New Age movement were thoughts and words alone have power. No this is Christianity where our faith is in God through Jesus Christ and our faith requires us to be obedient as we do the things necessary along the narrow path. Now, this is the part of the blog where you need to really pay attention… Mark 11:24 says, “l tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you have received it, it will be yours.” Jesus is our example here. He prayed to God in Mark 14:36, “Everything is possible to you, yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Our prayers are often motivated by what we want for ourselves. And in this case, to be made skinny. Or to be made smaller. But Jesus prayed with Gods’ interest in mind. Sure, we can pray to be made smaller, but we should want his will over ours. Right? I mean Jesus is our example! When he prayed to God, “I want your will not mine”, he knew that doing God’s will was not only necessary but that it would cost him! He expected there to be suffering. He teaches us that anything worth having will cost something. As you step into activating your heart faith with God, know and trust that it is not going to be easy. It’s going to cost you some comfort and it will often be hard! There isn’t an easy button. God‘s will isn’t for you to just look amazing for everyone to gasp at. No. Hardly. His will is for your good & for his glory. His aim is to make you stronger and to transform you into something and somebody you can’t yet even expect or even imagine! I never knew when I started seeking him for weight loss that he would prompt me to leave my six-figure salary to stay home with my kids or to start coaching women to lose weight by seeking him. In fact, at the time that I left corporate America I was just exiting the New Age movement and I had just stepped into the deep end of heart faith when I made the transition. And now, since being a seeker, he has removed me from sad foods, bad people, cussing, lying, laziness, excuses, sabotage, temptation, depression, and, he even healed my libido. Yes, you heard me correctly. And I’m at the end of perimenopause! He healed the uterine prolapse that I suffered from after having three children. And he even renewed my marriage. All because I sought his will over my own, in Weight loss. I laid down a number on the scale and he gave it to me. It just reminds me of Abraham and Isaac. My weight loss is a blessing for my obedience in all of the things. The minute I transferred my faith from myself and from my intellect alone, to my heart faith, my life changed. In all the ways I’ve shared with you. OK, we’re nearing the end of the episode here. Which means we need to talk about verse 25. And the New Age movement never taught me this. “But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your father in heaven will forgive your sins too!” Oh boy. Even in weight loss. True story. God can and he will do the impossible in your life. He will help you to lose weight. But you must understand obedience is in all areas. There are conditions here. I know people don’t like to hear that because we’re not told or taught about conditions in our faith, but there are conditions. As a believer, you must not hold a grudge against another person. Girl, start thinking of the people who have been on your naughty list. Start releasing it all. Through prayer. This is a part of undoing the patterns of this world. trust me, this part has power! Lean into it and trust. Pray for those who have wronged you, you hurt you. Pray with and in your whole heart. I want to leave you today with some encouragement. Have the courage to pray for God‘s will for yourself on this weight-loss journey. Don’t selfishly pray for him to make you skinny. Pray for his will. His will is best for you. When you pray, put your whole heart faith in him. Not your faith in yourself or in a number on the scale. No. Put your faith in the work he’s going to do in and through you. If you phone this in it will reflect in your lack of results. So, check yourself. If you are not believing the unbelievable, I mean, are you really even believing at all? Set yourself up to “let God” do the impossible. Then you do your part, daily, to receive it. Your part is to seek him when it is hard, in all the ways that I teach inside of the seekers method or even that I have shared here in the blog. It’s all only impossible until it is done. So, put your faith in God. Not in a diet. Believe with your whole heart; not your whole head. Pray. Believe, and receive. And lastly, forgive so you can be forgiven too. Trust that he is the god of the humanly impossible… Even in weight loss.

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