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How God released me of my fear of failure. MUST READ TESTIMONY!

This morning God kicked FEAR in the teeth, as I watched!

As I sat down at my desk today, I felt defeated. Again. Feeling like the work ahead of me was impossible. Like I couldn’t do what I knew I needed to do; what I knew I needed to start.

Questions began to swirl in my head like, “How will I add one more thing to my list?”, “When will I find the time?” And “I don’t really feel like this is even necessary to do.”

And then the heavyweight thought came into my heart…”What if I fail again?”

There it was. I was afraid of failing. Again.

Failing in an arena where I have previously failed. So I sat down to journal. I began to write out all that I didn’t want to do, listing the obstacles that were weighing on my heart, stacking them up in my mind. One obstacle after another came to me & the list began to grow in front of my eyes. And then HE spoke.

The Holy Spirit began to minister to my stressed out heart. True to form, he asked me this question,

“What’s the rush?”


Revelation began to flood my heart like a divine download. Immediately I knew I could do it. Not by my might, but by Gods spirit! If he put this goal in my heart, he also put THE WAY in there too. And like that, the path to the goal began to appear in front of me.

Suddenly, my stress was GONE! I could see the truth in the light of His ministering to me.

In that moment I knew that my resistance had a name & it was FEAR.

Right in front of me, God kicked fear in the teeth!!! And then, in its place within me, God stood!! God Showed me what we could do together. One after another, God gave me scripture after scripture, and assured me through his word. Y’all I can do it!!! I can do it with God!!!! Not in my own strength. But through HIS! And not because it’s my hearts desire, yet, but because it is on his heart!

John 20:21 ministered to me as I read, “Peace be with you. As the Father sent me, so I am sending you!” God needs me doing hard things because hard things equip me for his use! So when God puts something hard on your heart, and you can’t see the path, the way; go to him!

He’s the Way-maker for your spirit, soul, and body. Even in weight loss.



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