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How I found The motivation to lose weight.

For years, I tried to lose weight with little to NO vision. I had goals and most of them involved me wearing my favorite jeans or being able to be comfortable in a bathing suit. But then, weight loss became a struggle. A huge struggle. And depression became a byproduct. Motivation was something I thought for sure I’d lost forever. I couldn’t STAY MOTIVATED to lose weight to arrive at my goal. No matter how hard I tried. But then I laid my life down and surrendered to God. You likely know the story, I stopped seeking the gym for Him. And from that, I began to receive HIS vision for my life. He saw me differently than I saw myself and then suddenly it occurred to me, when I see myself the way God sees me; I have power. And from that I began to get HIS vision for my life. From that perspective, I noticed that motivation began to take root. Having a vision that evoked emotion was powerful, and it was having an impact on the mundane tasks necessary to lose weight. Suddenly what I did daily mattered because it was in support of GODS vision for my life; not my own. And from HIS vision I drew motivation and power. Motivation and power that I didn’t have when I had a goal of a swimsuit and willpower via a diet plan. Something switched. My surrender gave way to HIS vision. And now, by the Grace of God, I have a motivation that surpasses anything I’ve ever felt in my life before. I have CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me and THAT includes the mundane! Suddenly, making a commitment to a meal plan and sticking to it means that I am fulfilling Gods will, His vision, for my life. And from that is my motivation to repeat the steps, daily. From HIS will for my life is my desire to STAY on the narrow path in all areas, even with weight loss! The temptation to exercise before seeking God is dead to me. The temptation to eat the cornbread leftovers in my kitchen right now, is dead to me. The temptation to sit on the couch and binge watch latest scandalous Netflix mini-series, as I consume a bottle of wine is dead to me. I’m motivated to seek first the kingdom of God every day. I’M MOTIVATED again!! And All I did was trade the gym for HIM!

The byproduct of Seeking God first in my life has been: 1. Motivation. 2. Energy. 3. Real JOY 4. Size 2 pants (WHAT!?) 5. Mental clarity at age 47. 6. ENERGY 7. Discernment of HIS voice. 8. Did I say joy?

Not one part of weight loss is fun to me. And yet, I’ve been on this journey with God now for two years and as I lost the weight, I never felt like I was failing at a diet. I fell a lot, sure. But every day I did HIS will. Some days I did great; others not so great. But with HIS power, I kept going. And slowly, I stepped into motivation without even noticing it. God inspired my momentum and gave me motivation to complete HIS vision for my life. I encourage you to do the same. Seek Him instead of the gym. Seek Him instead of a number on the scale. You too may find yourself laying down the physical goals as you pick up HIS vision. Once you have a vision packed with emotion, you’re unstoppable! And in this exchange of your goals for His vision, you may just find yourself motivated to keep going every day, in support of HIS vision for your life. Surrender the chaos of a dieting lifestyle and exchange your willpower for His God power. You may just find yourself gaining a new life as you lose the weight! If I can do this; you can do it too!


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