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HOW I found weight loss when I stopped believing in the comfort of laziness.

This is what I shared in my PRIVATE Coaching community this morning...

I just finished my 4 minute workout. It’s super simple and has changed my body. I’ve recently started doing a 2nd evening workout to GET MORE ENERGY to complete the evening activities at home with 3 young children.

Praise God that I am healthy enough to do these hard things. Things I never thought I could or would do. Mostly because I was just too lazy. I valued my comfort too much. I resisted hard things because I wanted to control my every minute, never seeing how growth only came to me when I met, faced and walked THROUGH the resistance. On the other side of hard things was my growth. I’m so thankful that I learned this from Him. And that now, my obedience glorifies Him, not me, some diet or my strong determination. No. All of this is for His glory. And in THAT, I crave to do hard things. Because He needs me stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can do hard things through Christ who strengthens me. For Him. For God’s Kingdom.

If I can walk in this freedom to obey, you can too. It just takes faith and trust in Him, not in me. If he can transform my lazy, comfort seeking will, He can do it for you too. It’s just about stacking up good choice after good choice. In Him you too can make the next right choice. And soon, walk in obedience to the rhythm being whispered in your heart. Don’t see ANY of this as weight loss. See ALL of it as life gain as you simply practice YIELDING to that still small voice that is already guiding you...even in weight loss!


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