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How I quit cheating on my diet.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

THIS IS HOW I quit cheating on myself and failing every single diet that I ever started.

When I was TRYING desperately (and failing) to lose weight; my motives were wrong. I didn't know they were wrong because the world validated my motives. But then, Proverbs 16:2 changed things for me.

What NO ONE told me years ago was that my PERPETUAL sabotage of my weight loss plan was truly a weapon formed against me. Not only that, but what I was doing in my weight loss ‘life’ was really just a reflection of what I was doing in my entire life. I loved the IDEA of losing the weight, but NOT THE WORK REQUIRED. I wanted everything, EVERYTHING, to be easy. I wanted food to just appear, the kitchen to just be cleaned, life to be less stressful and my waistline to just SHRINK already! I was willing to PAY MONEY for all of the promises of being thin but I never really wanted to do the work. I just didn’t. I wanted to always be comfortable. And eventually, this meant bigger pants. Back before I knew how to activate my faith and ALLOW God to change me, I didn’t know what Proverbs 16:2 could have to do with my weight loss. NO ONE ever told me that while I thought I was doing a good thing by trying to lose the weight, I was really just practicing disobedience when I cheated on my diet and aiming to LOOK good for the world; according to ITS' standards. I was perpetually practicing cheating on my future and limiting what God could do in my life because I always just wanted everything to be easy and I wanted my body to look different for the wrong reasons. I lived my life according to what I thought, felt and WANTED at any moment. And then…God stepped in. He examined my motives, even as I stepped deeper into my faith. He showed me where sin lived in my heart and in my life, and helped to strengthen me to sweep it out; to get rid of it in ALL AREAS. He showed me HOW I had been RATIONALIZING ALL THE WRONG things that KEPT me stuck in my fat pants! He showed me how I had NO STANDARDS that actually would