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How I quit cheating on my diet.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

THIS IS HOW I quit cheating on myself and failing every single diet that I ever started.

When I was TRYING desperately (and failing) to lose weight; my motives were wrong. I didn't know they were wrong because the world validated my motives. But then, Proverbs 16:2 changed things for me.

What NO ONE told me years ago was that my PERPETUAL sabotage of my weight loss plan was truly a weapon formed against me. Not only that, but what I was doing in my weight loss ‘life’ was really just a reflection of what I was doing in my entire life. I loved the IDEA of losing the weight, but NOT THE WORK REQUIRED. I wanted everything, EVERYTHING, to be easy. I wanted food to just appear, the kitchen to just be cleaned, life to be less stressful and my waistline to just SHRINK already! I was willing to PAY MONEY for all of the promises of being thin but I never really wanted to do the work. I just didn’t. I wanted to always be comfortable. And eventually, this meant bigger pants. Back before I knew how to activate my faith and ALLOW God to change me, I didn’t know what Proverbs 16:2 could have to do with my weight loss. NO ONE ever told me that while I thought I was doing a good thing by trying to lose the weight, I was really just practicing disobedience when I cheated on my diet and aiming to LOOK good for the world; according to ITS' standards. I was perpetually practicing cheating on my future and limiting what God could do in my life because I always just wanted everything to be easy and I wanted my body to look different for the wrong reasons. I lived my life according to what I thought, felt and WANTED at any moment. And then…God stepped in. He examined my motives, even as I stepped deeper into my faith. He showed me where sin lived in my heart and in my life, and helped to strengthen me to sweep it out; to get rid of it in ALL AREAS. He showed me HOW I had been RATIONALIZING ALL THE WRONG things that KEPT me stuck in my fat pants! He showed me how I had NO STANDARDS that actually would serve me as I judged ‘right from wrong’…even in weight loss! And ya know what!? HE WAS SO RIGHT! I would start a new meal plan/diet and within 6 days I’d start cheating on it here and there. I’d begin to practice all the old habits as I resisted the hard work and longed for easier living. I would cheat on my diet and REASON it with some excuse about WHY I deserved it or blame it on some thought, feeling or circumstance. And THAT is how I found myself living in my fat pants, feeling consistently sad and hopeless in my quest to lose weight. Until God. When God stepped in…HE convicted me of my WORLDLY motives and HELPED me to see JUST how to commit my life to Him, and how to activate HIS STRENGTH in my life so that I could be focused ON HIM…even in weight loss!

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