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Let’s face it, losing weight is hard and it can be draining, frustrating and even defeating at times. Right? It’s even harder, in certain seasons of life, to just keep going especially when you don’t see the results that you had expected, or that you might be used to. Maybe you’re there right now? You’ve been at it, trying to lose weight for so long, and you’re getting tired. You’re getting weary.Frustrated. You’re ready to just throw in the towel and eat all of the things. This Blog is for those of you who are feeling weary in weight loss. Today I want to help you to have a restored hope and faith and a renewed sense of purpose and commitment on your weight loss journey. What I am sharingtoday is straight out of the pages of the Bible. It’s a scripture that God directed me to help you to understand more completely what is going on with your weight loss difficulties and what you must do about it. He has impressed upon my heart that there are natural laws in his word that apply to you thatyou cannot escape, even in weight loss. I hope you might lean in, even take notes.

Galatians 6:7-9 says, “Do not be misled. You cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. So, let’s not get tired of doing what is good. In just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

Do you already see what I'm going to share with you?? Galatians reminds us that what we plant; we harvest. It is a natural law. For many of us, we’ve spent a lifetime planting seeds of flavor, fullness, quantity, ease, comfort, and even joy in our food life. And then we get surprised because of what we harvest from planting those seeds. The result of sowing all those seeds is our weight problem. We harvest the consequences which basically amounts to being unhealthy to the point of weight gain. This is where we begin to step into having middle age belly fat, that won’t go away because of our middle-age status, we can’t escape our fat pants and we seemingly becomeweight-loss resistant. Can you relate to this? And then, to make matters worse, the minute we want to lose weight, we struggle because losing the weight means also losing a bit of our identity. Of how we live in this world. Because losing weight means restricting ourselves and having to focus on eating healthy which kind of means that we on some level KNOW we lose the joy we have in certain foods. And we don’t like that. As we begin to step into a diet, we start noticing the loss of flavor, the loss of constant fullness, the volume on our plate, the ease of which we could get food before, the comfort we found in all our favorite and familiar foods and even the stories we had about all of those foods. We go through a food identity crisis to the point of sabotage. And this is where we find ourselves feeling emotional IN weight loss. Because breaking up with food and the bad habits that led us to weight gain, is emotional and hard because we’ve done it for so long and we’re so used to running to food for love, happiness, fullness, assurance sometimes, and even to avoid emotions. Can you relate to that? All of this is hard because deciding to lose weight means so much more than JUST changing what you eat. It means changing who you are, how do you cope, how you show up, and how you live. In fact, many of us don’t include God in our weight loss journey not only because we’ve never been shown how to, but because were also afraid of what he might take away or tell us to do. It’s like we don’t want to be parented in this area of our lives. DESPITE knowing we need to change.

What I need you to see today is that every action has a result. If you live to please your own desires, you will harvest a crop of sorrow and evil. What are the desires that you have been living to please that have given you a physical, spiritual, and emotional crop of sorrow? Think about your weight loss journey. And the other habits and actions that you take daily. What happens to your weight loss progress when you give into temptation? What happens to your thoughts, your willpower, and your motivation when you focus on the scale? What happens to your ability to eat well when you are tired or too busy or even too lazy to get up and meal prep? Temptation, willpower, motivation, the scale, chronic fatigue, busyness, and even laziness are all seeds of sorrow.

So, when you sow lazy seeds, you harvest the results of your laziness. When you sow into temptation, you get those results, sorrow and evil. Remember, evil means something that brings you sorrow distress or even misfortune. You know all of this. You have experienced all of this. You’re likely even defeated by it. There is a natural law of sowing and reaping. We harvest what we plant, even in weight loss. I know you already know all of this but today we’re going to look at this from God’s perspective. God will help you to lose weight, but only because of you seeking to find your life in him! Why? Why is because this Life of yours, even your ability to successfully lose the weight, has more to do with who you are becoming than it is about just losing weight. You already inherently know this, but you just haven’t connected and allowed your faith to heal you. So many women think it’s vain to ask God for weight loss. And maybe for some it is. Especially if that’s all that is in their heart. But it is not vain to go to God and to ask him to help you get out of a house of bondage that you’re in with your food. To help you release pride, idolatry, gluttony, selfishness, and even wrong emotions associated to wrong actions. This is about how we as Christians, ashumans, have a sin nature. We naturally want the joy things in life the easy path, the path of least resistance. We naturally cheat on our weight-loss journey because it seems so harmless. We look for hacks and we constantly wait to just feel like it. We think motivation will be there. We rely on willpower. Not even realizing how much we have become a weapon formed against ourselves. And that is because when we were born again, we were saved in our spirit. Our spirit was born again. Our flesh is still carnal and prone to follow our sin nature; to take counsel from our flesh & and to easily conform to the patterns of this world. Especially with food because we’ve kept it separate. But your faith can heal you in your mind and body. Your job is to see what your part on this journey is. Your part is going to God for renewed thinking so that you can stop conforming to the patterns that have conditioned your thoughts, and step into a transformed life. If you are stuck in weight loss it is because this area of your life is still under the authority of your flesh. And not your spirit. You worship God and follow Christ, but your weight loss journey is separate. Almost in a metaphorical box. You might not even see how you have kept God out of your food choices. In your old sin nature, your flesh mastered you and sin was acceptable to the point of becoming sin sick. If you followed me for any amount of time you should know by now, what the real definition of sin is. I encourage you to look up James 4:17. In your new divine born-again nature, your spirit wants to lead you, but you need to be shown how to no longer be mastered by your flesh. But instead, be mastered by your spirit, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

So how can you fix this? How can you change? How can you get out of your own way and actually lose the weight?

Your weight loss success is going to depend on you seeing and remembering that you are a spirit who has a soul and who lives in a body. Your power and authority rests in your spirit. Even in weight loss. Through your faith you can begin to heal your body and see the right seeds for restored physical, spiritual, and even emotional health. Weight loss is a byproduct of health. And restored health is a byproduct of your l