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How NOT to gain weight during this quarantine.

"COVID19 can be your REASON or your EXCUSE." I heard this as I was praying this morning. And I immediately wrote it down. In so many different ways, this pandemic can be the turning point that makes or breaks each of us. There’s an undercurrent to this pandemic. You may have noticed it too. Many are sharing how they are turning to food and alcohol for relief because it’s a HARD season! Some of us are seeing the stress of this new unknown world that we find ourselves in as the perfect excuse to fix our worries with whatever is immediately available to offer relief or escape. I get it. I’ve been there. I have fixed many problems with Mexican food and Cabernet Franc. And in those moments of "relief", everything “was fixed!" If I experienced emotional stress, I fixed it with food and alcohol. It was my easy button of sorts. But then those choices all led me down the painful path of weight gain and a blueness that I carried around like a heavy purse. No one really ever talks about the blueness that comes from feeling uncomfortable in your pants, or in a bra that is cutting into your rib cage. But I remember it like it was yesterday! I remember the CONSTANT searching for the NEXT thing to get the weight off of me once and for all. And the minute I found the next weight loss plan, I put ALL of my faith and HOPE in it. Until I wasn’t skinny in a month. Then, I was up, shopping for the next solution. Until nothing worked. My blueness deepened as I surrendered to defeat. I couldn’t succeed at ANY weight loss program. My excuses often got the best of me. Then things changed. I started stepping deeper into my faith and suddenly I had REASONS to overcome the difficult things that had previously plagued me. Those new reasons were different than anything I had ever considered or thought about before too. My reasons for pushing through the discomfort were because I was suddenly aware of the FACT that God was trying to develop me, mature me and draw me closer to HIM. The minute GOD became my reason to push through the hard things, to lay down my dieters’ mentality, and to FACE every worry with prayer, I became unstoppable. When I dieted, I depended on my own understanding. But when I stood up as a Seeker, I trusted in His will for my life. (Proverbs 3:5-6) That’s the difference. And that’s exactly how I’m walking through this pandemic right now. With Him. He’s my reason to keep going, even with my food choices, daily schedules and commitments to BETTER/GREATER things. Just like this pandemic we’re in, I had NO idea the outcome of my weight loss goals when I JUST trusted God. I didn’t know if HE could or would deliver me from Chips & alcohol cravings because they seemed too shallow of a thing to bring to him. But HE DID. He still does. Proverbs 3:5-6 instructed me to seek HIS will for my life. His will was not for food or alcohol addictions. His will was not for laziness and excuses. His will was not for a PROFOUND sadness that was self-induced from bad choices and habits. His will was not for me to be stuck in mediocrity, admitting defeat to this world. NO! His will was for me to be brought TO HIM because I was at my rock bottom and I saw no other choice but God. And in my SURRENDER to His will for my life, I stopped depending on what Sherrie knew or could do. I invited Him into my food & alcohol stories. And IMMEDIATELY I found truth, ease and strength to identify my excuses and instead, focus on my REASONS. The minute HE became a vital part of my everything, life got easier. The minute I traded the GYM for Him, my physical transformation began to take shape. I encourage you, if you are finding that ANY of this resonates with you, to go deeper with God. He’s inviting you to seek HIS will and to see what HE intends for your life. There isn’t anything you do on a daily basis that He doesn’t care about. He wants to be included in it all. He wants to be your REASON NOT to gain weight during this Covid19 Pandemic. He wants to be the reason you start to face a new direction in your life. He wants to be invited to your problems, and to show you how to turn your worries into prayers. He wants you to know that when you come close to Him; He will come close to you.even in weight loss!

If you want support on your weight loss journey and want to learn how to bring God alive in your life in a COMPLETELY different way, then I invite you to consider The Seeker’s Method. It’s my private Coaching Program that God wrote through me. In this program you will be led by a Christian Life Coach to your weight loss success. This program is NOT your typical weight loss program. I don’t teach you how to diet. I teach you how to have a relationship with God and how to crucify your quitting habits and excuses as you step into obedience. This program is how I lost my weight and its how other women are losing theirs too.

Join me for a sample of The Seekers Method as I host The Seekers Method Experience April 27th-May 3rd.

On May 4th the program is OPEN for enrollment and we begin the journey together. Once the doors close; they’re closed. During that time, I focus on the women going through the program; EXCLUSIVELY. The awesome thing about the May 4th opening is it’s the summer program and it ends in August. If you need support and you’re ready to go deeper with your faith; consider signing up today!


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