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How to KEEP GOING when weight loss feels SLOW.

So, there you are, doing all of the things, being obedient to your meal plan, saying NO to the foods and drinks (Cabernet Franc) that you still love, while struggling on the inside because you still have not woken up skinny!

Have you ever found yourself losing hope because weight loss is a constant uphill climb? The struggle is real because the foods & the feelings you get from all the foods, feel so filling & so real! If you find yourself relating to any of this, my hope is that this blog post might speak right to your heart. So what do YOU do when things get hard on your weight loss journey? Do you ever find yourself struggling to KEEP doing all the things because you thought that the you would’ve LOST more weight by now? And when you do find it too hard to keep pushing through and you’re struggle to remain compliant to your meal plan, do you ever feel like you’re losing hope? Are you struggling because the weight is simply not coming off fast enough? Do you ever find yourself stuck between wanting to be thin, yet feeling defeated because the journey to weight loss is so hard and it takes SO LONG? I’ve been there. I understand exactly what you are thinking and feeling. So today, I want to share with you how I coach my clients to see things from the lens of faith on their weight loss journey. As any good coach would do, I'm starting with a question. How are you demonstrating your faith on a daily basis? Have you ever considered that your weight loss journey is an opportunity to go DEEPER with your faith? What IF you began to approach your daily weight loss “tasks” as practice? Meaning: WHEN you lose all of your weight, you will need ALL of these skills to MAINTAIN your weight loss. So now my question for you is: Are you acting like someone who has received her promises of weight loss by obediently practicing what it will take to maintain her weight loss when it happens?

So, what exactly are you practicing daily? I encourage you to practice living like the woman who has been blessed with weight loss! To demonstrate that your faith shows the reality of things you hope for; not the evidence only of what you see today on the scale or the effort required to move forward. The beginning of faith is believing in God’s character: HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS. The endpoint is believing in God’s promises: He will do what he says He will do. And when we believe that God will fulfill his promises, even though we don’t see those promises materializing yet, we demonstrate true faith. So, if you are struggling to stay the course in your obedience to your meal plan, remember that faith requires patient endurance so that you will continue to do Gods will. Do you believe it is Gods will for you to struggle with your weight? To feel the way that you feel about your inability to just be obedient and lose the weight? Then practice patient endurance even in weight loss! Scripture tells us that patient endurance is what you need now so that you will continue to do Gods will. THEN! Then you will receive all that he has promised. (Hebrews 10:36) So, when it is hard to do the seemingly mundane things required to be obedient, when it’s hard to eat the healthy options when everybody around you is eating the cheesy Mexican Dorito taco casserole, remember, He is with you during the hard FOOD moments! And in those difficult moments, you are practicing patient endurance. Don’t see yourself as going without the foods you love. Don’t see yourself as suffering. You are stepping into God‘s will for your life. He's strengthening you on this journey. Aim is for “well done”; not for “You were in great shape in your life!” I tell my weight loss coaching clients ALL of the time that “Who you are becoming is MORE important than JUST being thin!” You don’t know fully what, why or how God is using this uphill climb of weight loss in your life! I assure you, His promises rest in your obedience. And your obedience comes from your faith! So, keep practicing obedience. Keep demonstrating your faith. Position yourself for a blessing. Then, you will receive all that he has promised...even in weight loss!


If YOU are interested in being coached by me, I encourage you to explore my website. Check out The Seeker's Method for weight loss, it's my weight loss coaching program. I also offer group coaching to clients who have completed The Seeker's Method. And of course, I do offer 1/1 group coaching to those looking for a VIP experience.

Enrollment into TSM for 2020 will open in September and again in January of 2021.

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