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How to stop being a weight loss quitter.



When you think about your weight loss journey in 2020, do you see yourself working out and eating all those salads? That's how I started EVERY January. My willpower and focus were ON and my resolve to be different 'this year' was real and serious. And then the little quits began. And somehow, slowly, I found myself dealing with life and before I knew it, I was blown away at how I'd managed to fall off track again! I was getting so good at caving to temptation, to being a creature of old habits and I was struggling to say no to my favorite dinners and restaurants despite my desire to lose the weight already! I labeled myself as "weight loss resistant" and began shopping for medical problems. Something HAD to be wrong with me. And I was right. I did have a problem. I was CONSUMED with the world. I was worshipping the image I wanted for myself, and leveraging all of the latest diets to get it. And when it wasn't happening, I leaned into the worlds solutions of drinking at night to numb my sad heart. I was broken. Nothing I did fixed me. Until I woke up. I wish someone would've posted something like this for me, then. But they didn't so I'm DOING IT FOR YOU NOW. You see that pictures I attached to this post? These are my before and after pictures. BEFORE...I would get up early, do a yoga/workout, drink a meal replacement shake, watch the news, get the kids up and start my day. AFTER, is a photo of my morning work out today. I traded the gym for HIM and, I'm thinner! What!? How!? How I did it was by getting the world out of me. I stopped following what the world told me about weight loss because I simply couldn't do it. Seriously, my willpower was GONE and my only talent was quitting. But when I surrendered to the voice in my head and actually GAVE GOD A SHOT; He wow'd me. I had NO idea that the Bible would give me instructions to lose weight. You read that correctly. The way the Bible taught me how to lose weight was through the Scriptures that introduced me to WHO I was and HOW I operated. On the pages of my bible in the attached photo is HEBREWS 4:12 which says,

"The word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

This means that when GOD's power is awakened within you, He will teach you the difference between your soul, spirit, body and heart. And when you KNOW about this; you're able to STOP giving in to temptation. To actually have REAL POWER against the sabotage of your 'diet'. Tools to stop thinking the way you used to think when you feel stressed out and just want to sit on the couch and drink wine or eat Doritos and binge watch Netflix because life is just too hard. Reading the Bible, and having EYES to see and EARS to hear is what gave me a smaller waistline. Not because I prayed to be thin. But rather because I prayed to be obedient and to seek GOD and NOT a number on the scale anymore. God woke me up to the ways that the world was making me fat and in so doing; HE made me thin. (I still shake my head in disbelief of my new size. I still can't believe it!)

Now...if you're struggling in this same way and want to try something SERIOUS to lose the patterns of this world so that YOU TOO can renew your mind and LET GOD transform your body, then consider joining my coaching program. I'm a Christian Life Coach for weight loss and I have a coach led weight loss program that LEADS you OUT of the world, and onto the narrow path TO God and to weight loss. Maybe 2020 is your year to become who GOD intended for you to be; which is more important than JUST BEING THIN! Don't you agree??

Click on the Seekers Method section of the website to learn more.


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