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HOW to trust your weight loss journey.

As I read Exodus this morning, I could see how God led the Israelites out of captivity and into freedom. The route that they took & the timeline VERY likely looked NOTHING like what the Israelites had expected or had hoped for. And when we examine their journey, we learn so much and can easily see HOW it applies to us now, even in weight loss. Dieting is so full of measurements of time and scales to weigh our progress & success. But seeking God is COMPLETELY void of daily measurement and instead, so full of trust. God’s plan isn’t laid out as such. Meaning, he doesn’t say, “Just seek me for about 90 days and lose 2 pounds a week and in 90 days you’ll be 24# lighter.”


When you seek God and you ALLOW him to consume your entire being, by even allowing him to have authority in the kitchen, at the table or in the drive thru, he WILL lead you as he led the Israelites. His weight-loss strategy is focused on life gain where weight loss is simply a byproduct of seeking HIM! His way is void of human understanding, logic, and reason. Because we have so many patterns of thought and feeling to have undone as we learn to trust him over our physical senses. And as you read Exodus, you will EASILY see that God did not lead the Israelites along the most direct route to their promised land. He took them on the path that HE knew they needed it because it kept them out of harm’s way. His way avoided potential battles with the Philistines. So…What could God be leading you around on THIS weight loss journey of yours? I know you want to be skinny by tomorrow morning. But what if God is trying to teach you obedience because it will be needed of you once you get out of this wilderness season? What if he knows you need to be taking the long way to weight loss because there are Giants on the shortcut? There are so many parallels between weight loss and the journey God took the Israelites through as he led them out of the wilderness. But it all comes down to trust. Like us, the Israelites wanted easy, familiar, and immediate. But God knew the danger of giving them what they simply wanted. What if learning to trust him, even in weight loss, over your flesh, means that you will learn how to be LED IN THE SPIRIT over being mastered by your flesh? What if trusting him, trusting in his timing, despite the difficulties of saying no to certain foods, is the way to your promised land of weight loss? Do you really think that learning to trust him, to obey even in weight loss, to seek him instead of a number on the scale, could lead to a dead-end road where are you remain forever stuck in your fat pants?


That’s doubt talking. That’s you assessing the path ahead of you based upon your knowledge of the path behind you. The path of dieting that lead you there because it’s familiar, easy and immediately available to you…where you already know the potential results. It’s time to undo those patterns of thought. He will make you stronger in your spirit over your flesh, but it will require you being in a wilderness where you get uncomfortable as you learn to crucify your flesh and ALLOW him to lead you in the spirit. It requires faith.

Faith in him.

Focus your sights on him and his work in you; not on yourself and what you can do with just a little willpower and determination. He will bless you physically for your spiritual disciplines. But you are going to have to do the hard work that is required of you. Trusting and obeying even in weight loss.

If YOU have been enjoying my blog posts, podcasts or even my youtube videos BUT YOU STILL find yourself struggling to step into trust & obedience, I encourage you to consider enrolling in The Seeker’s Method. It’s NOT a weight loss program. It’s a life gain method where weight loss IS JUST a byproduct!


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