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Imperfect weight loss

Anyone else claim to be a PERFECTIONIST? (even in weight loss???)

It's amazing how much I couldn't see it THEN, but now I know that perfectionism was the bait of satan on my weight loss journey. The enemy LOVED how much I worshiped it. If I had one French fry I had to have them all and usually that meant I needed to just have 7 bits of Landon's McFlurry too. Then I'd wait until the next Monday to start over again until the next slip and slide session. I lived like that. I THOUGHT being a perfectionist was a badge of honor until I realized it was a prison cell. It kept me stuck. It was how satan put baby in a corner at my house. Lol. Ok, that made me laugh.

But seriously...if you're LIVING with a need to be perfect, that isn't from God. God is perfect. He isn't asking you to be perfect. He's asking YOU to trust him, to love Him. To obey Him. To CHOOSE Him. When I began TRUSTING HIM over my flesh, I started to lose weight and I did it ONE IMPERFECT DAY AT A TIME! My encouragement for you is to see perfection for what it is...A TRAP!


Seek God instead of a number on the scale and He'll lead you to where you're going...imperfectly and stronger...even in weight loss!


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