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How does one NOT give into temptation...even on their weight loss journey? Well, I'm happy you asked. The Bible has A-LOT to say about this topic, but it's hidden to you if you're not actively seeking Him and spending time listening to him. The good news is you know a Christian Life Coach who is focused on helping you to lose weight. So, lets dive in and uncover what you need to know about this topic. In Genesis 3:1, the enemy asks Eve if 'God really said she couldn't eat from ANY of the trees in the garden.' He starts his relationship with her, out of the gate, by projecting doubt onto God and His rules. That's how it always starts; even with us. We're on a 'diet' trying to be good and then doubt that it will work begins to creep in, or confusion about all of the dieting options begins to distract us. But as Genesis continues, we see that Eve responds to the enemy by saying, in Genesis 3:2 that "we may eat from the trees in the garden, but we may not eat from THE tree in the middle of the garden." She goes on to say, "God said, 'You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.'" This is JUST like us. We know what is on our meal plan, we know the rules and the guidelines. But we enter into dialogue with the tempter in our minds. Genesis 3:4-5 elaborates on the dialog between the enemy and Eve as the enemy continues with his plan of doubt and confusion directed toward Eve. He wants her doubting the rules and the intention behind the rules, or that they even apply to her. He wants her confused about why she cannot eat the forbidden fruit. And in Genesis 3:6, his argument to confuse and defile her has taken root as Eve leaves the discussion with the enemy feeling convinced that she may proceed with disobedience. In that moment she has just reasoned the temptation over trusting what she knew to be correct. She led with reason; not with knowing. How often does that happen to you? Temptation is the enemy’s invitation to give in to HIS kind of life for you and to give up on the kind of life that GOD has planned for you. He (the enemy) successfully did this to Eve and he unsuccessfully did this (temptation) to Jesus. (Matthew 4:1-4). So HOW do you RESIST TEMPTATION!? Here we go! We're about to bring Gods word alive FOR YOU so that you can be free from ALL of it. The first step to rid yourself of temptation while you're trying to lose weight is awareness. Awareness of the fact that it's GOING to happen. In your awareness is your AUTHORITY over it. Genesis teaches us that sin exists even with your food. When you KNOW what you can or should eat yet you disobey your meal plan and give in to temptation, that is THE VERY definition of sin! Did you know that!? Go look up James 4:17. Why isn't anyone teaching us the BIBLICAL DEFINITION OF SIN so that we can apply it to EVERY AREA!? (Maybe that's my job?) You see EXPERIENCING temptation is not sin, but it's to be expected. However, giving IN to the argument of temptation is sin. So, the steps to rise overcome temptation and to rise above it, though difficult ON YOUR OWN as a human trying to lose weight, is easy if you activate your faith in God over your faith in food. So, step 1: awareness of temptation and its' presence. I coach my clients to plan for this; every. single. day. 2. Pray for strength over the temptation. Yes; you can pray for strength over it. Draw God closer. He's waiting for you to do this! 3. Avoid the temptation. You CAN avoid it. You do so by removing yourself from the temptation or by saying no to the party invitations. You can THROW the food away, donate it or even feed it to your chickens like I do. 4. TRUST that temptation is NEVER from God. The Holy Spirit is never going to tell you that you deserve this treat because you ate broccoli yesterday. God will test you; He won't tempt you. 5. Put your FAITH INTO ACTION by trusting that God will Bless you obedience because He Blesses those to patiently endure testing and temptation. (James 1:12).

It's really that easy. Don't give into temptation by focusing on what you CAN'T eat right now but rather, what you CAN eat! Imagine yourself as facing God, truth and strength instead of facing the world, temptations and cravings. To combat your weakness and cravings, GIVE THANKS for what you have, where you're going on this weight loss journey and how your FAITH is a stronger tool than the enemies attempts to defeat you with cravings and doubt. Face God. Seek HIS strength in your life and RUN from temptation...even in weight loss!


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