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Is your weight loss holding you back from your POTENTIAL?


It's not for everyone.

Only those of you who are READY to be changed from the inside; out.


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, have a seat and keep reading.


As a Christian, you are saved by God’s Grace and Salvation has freed you from sin’s control.

Did you get that?

You are free from sin’s control.

What do you keep doing that you already know you shouldn’t do?

Or what aren’t you doing that you know you should do!? You are free from all of that!

You can change everything & God’s Grace is available to help you do it.

But are you even seeking his help?

As a believer, you are free to live as God created you to live. No one ever helped me to understand this TRUTH.

Even more, no one ever showed me how to “be free”, or to walk it out in my food stories, or my beliefs about what I could do or accomplish in my life. Nor even what I could accomplish on a daily basis if I just asked God for Help.

If I just STOPPED being mastered by my flesh.

And once I learned all of this, I knew I had to make a change in my life.

God needed me to spread the message of freedom to the woman struggling with weight loss.

The struggle with weight loss isn’t just vanity as the world labels it.

It’s much deeper isn’t it?

It’s holding women back. It’s stealing their health.

It’s stealing their confidence.

It’s robbing them of fulfillment in marriage.

Not everyone is plagued by this; but many women are.