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Is your weight loss holding you back from your POTENTIAL?


It's not for everyone.

Only those of you who are READY to be changed from the inside; out.


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, have a seat and keep reading.


As a Christian, you are saved by God’s Grace and Salvation has freed you from sin’s control.

Did you get that?

You are free from sin’s control.

What do you keep doing that you already know you shouldn’t do?

Or what aren’t you doing that you know you should do!? You are free from all of that!

You can change everything & God’s Grace is available to help you do it.

But are you even seeking his help?

As a believer, you are free to live as God created you to live. No one ever helped me to understand this TRUTH.

Even more, no one ever showed me how to “be free”, or to walk it out in my food stories, or my beliefs about what I could do or accomplish in my life. Nor even what I could accomplish on a daily basis if I just asked God for Help.

If I just STOPPED being mastered by my flesh.

And once I learned all of this, I knew I had to make a change in my life.

God needed me to spread the message of freedom to the woman struggling with weight loss.

The struggle with weight loss isn’t just vanity as the world labels it.

It’s much deeper isn’t it?

It’s holding women back. It’s stealing their health.

It’s stealing their confidence.

It’s robbing them of fulfillment in marriage.

Not everyone is plagued by this; but many women are.

Those are the women God has me helping.

That’s why I left my Corporate America career to become the Christian Life Coach, who helps women on their weight loss journeys by teaching about obedience.

I teach EVERYTHING I learned.

Everything that helped me to lose the weight of my weight.

I lead WOMEN to transformation not for temporal reasons; but for eternal reasons.

You need to know these truths!

What I want you to take away today is that your freedom in Christ has a limit.

You read that right.

There is a limit to your freedom.

This is where things are about to get really good.

You ready?

Just because you are an adult & aChristian does not mean that you are free to do as you please.

Lean into this.

Yes, you have free will, but you cannot escape the consequences of the choices You make.


You’ve EXPERIENCED this.

When you know what you should do, and you don’t do it, you don’t get to choose the consequences of your choices.

So lean into this because this could be life-changing!

In your Christian freedom, you are free to simply obey God.

You are no longer obligated to the lusts of your flesh.

What does that really mean to you?

What are the lusts of your flesh that are keeping you stuck? What are the things that you can’t stop doing because those habits are the lusts of your flesh.

The sin(s) that perpetually weigh you down.

Identify what those things are, because those are the things that you are free from.

You might not feel free, because you might still live with a compulsion to do those things.

But you are free and you can step away from them.

Do you feel a twinge of hope in that?

Freedom is not an excuse to do whatever you want, whenever you want, as you’d like.

I hope you know that but I want you to see that this applies to you even on your weight, loss journey!

What are the results of your food & laziness choices?

Is it taking your health?

Is it keeping you from running to God when you need comfort?

Is it keeping you perpetually desiring things to be easy?

Does any of that sound like the message of God's Word?

Your freedom in Christ is the foundation that God has given you that enables you to reach your highest potential.

Don’t limit yourself by living by your own desires.

Reach for God’s best.

And when you do, he’ll give you the desires of your heart, because by that point, your desires will be his desires for you…even in weight loss.

Everything I share with you is every single thing I needed when I couldn’t lose weight.

When I came to the end of myself, and finally realized that Jesus was the answer.

This is what I do.

I help women to activate their faith more profoundly so that they can find freedom from the things that are keeping them stuck in this life.

The things that are limiting their lives for Christ.

I teach women how to stop listening to the worlds voice,

and to begin attuning their hearts to God’s voice.

If you are ready for change, the kind of change that enables you for your highest potential, then I encourage you to look into ways to work with me.

In my group, coaching program, and in my one on one VIP coaching programs, even in my book, I lead women to their transformation by helping them to actively renew their mind.

Renewing your mind is a process.

It’s a journey.

It’s a journey of you releasing, who you used to be so that you can make room to

become who you were meant to be!

(Even in weight loss!)


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