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Losing weight in the spirit.

Yea, I know. That title seems out there. It SOUNDS super new age But it’s my truth. And it’s what I teach. I can’t NOT teach it because God

reminds me of it, all the time. So what does it mean and how does it work? Glad you asked. After years of being stuck in my fat pants, I was at my wits end with what I was learning about weight loss. NOTHING worked for me when I was dieting. Maybe this is also your experience? The dieting industry inundates us with strategies to lose weight leveraging the power of our will to change our bodies through our minds. For so long I was taught that I could change my body, my life, my destiny if I would just discipline my thoughts and my body. BUT NO ONE TOLD ME HOW and no one EVER taught me to do it through my spirit. In fact, no one ever even mentions ‘The Spirit’ when speaking about physical transformations. It’s always about Mind*Body*Soul. It was only through reading the Bible that God showed me that my transformation would only happen in the Spirit. The reason: because within our spirit is our power and authority. It's in our SPIRIT that we have the power to transform our thoughts, behaviors and actions which LEAD to a changed life & body! It happens when you have a relationship with God. Once you have a REAL relationship with him, and you know His voice, you begin to step into a relationship with him in ALL areas of your life. But here’s the thing! He wants to be included in ALL areas of your life. And that’s where walking in the spirit, even in weight loss, comes into the picture. As I read scripture, I hear it speaking to me as it relates to our power and authority over food. I can’t separate my struggle from Gods solutions and therefore His word speaks to me in this area. After a year of laying down my weight loss goals, and seeking GOD, I stepped into a KNOWING that God wants our obedient hearts more than he wants our failed attempts. He wants us to seek HIS strength, guidance and power even in weight loss. He taught me to come to Him with my worries EVEN about food. To tell him what I was thinking and to seek His truth about those thoughts. He taught me to pray for strength as I faced days where cravings and FOMO were a problem. And the more I prayed, and trusted, the more He strengthened me. And when I do this, when I tell Him about my worries, my temptations, He strengthens me, and I ACTUALLY get stronger. And THIS is what I mean when I say "losing weight in the Spirit". It’s in my spirit that I am constantly communicating with God. And it’s in my spirit that I am strengthened to say NO to the temptation of bag of Doritos sitting on the kitchen counter, or the birthday cake that is baking in the oven. I am strengthened to rise above ALL of the temptations because I am in CONSTANT communication with my father, praying for strength against the forces that are trying to derail me. And HE HEARS ME. He MUST because I say no to the foods that used to imprison me. Every day I say no. And NOW, a few years into this new life, this relationship with God, I have transformed my body & my mind WITH the guidance from The Holy Spirit…FINALLY! No diet ever taught me this. No weight loss coach ever taught me this. God taught me this. And it happened because I look to HIM and no other for assurance, confidence and strength. I have officially figured out How to walk in the spirit for weight loss. When I'm walking IN the Spirit, I'm walking WITH the Holy Spirit for guidance and strength. I have discovered that my (ours, yours) true power and authority exists when I am LED in the Spirit and from that place, I can change my thinking about everything and thus, transform my body; FINALLY!

This isn’t special or unique to me. This is profoundly biblical and it’s the foundation of my Weight loss program. If you would like to learn how to be coached in the spirit, to learn to walk in the spirit, then you may want to consider The Seekers Method. In this program I WALK you through 90 days of transformation. It’s not the typical program where you have to figure it all out for yourself. No. It’s me and a community of believers who step through a physical plan that supports our spiritual maturity. I teach the women in the Seekers Method how to need NO weight loss coach other than The Holy Spirit, for guidance and deliverance from food! You can join the community for a small monthly fee, or you can select the transformation package and enroll in the Academy where I take you deep into Gods word with REAL tools to undo the patterns of this world so that you can learn to renew your mind and transform your body once and for all. And of course, there’s the option to work with me personally for weight loss coaching. When I work with you, we meet every other week, we focus on your goals and we walk through The Seekers Method together.

I get it. Weight loss is hard. And it’s only harder the older we get. But what if you could be free from the difficulty of it!? What if you too could begin to walk in the spirit and be free of your fat pants THIS YEAR!? For some of us, that’s all we want in this season of our lives. And ya know what? That’s all I wanted too. And I had NO idea that God was using my fat pants to bring me to a deeper relationship with HIM. I started The Seekers Method to lose the weight. And then I stayed because I found my life!

The scriptures that changed my thinking and changed my life the most are:

Galatians 5:25, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 2 Timothy 1:7 & 1 Timothy 4:8,


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