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My Belly fat blessed me.

I see the absurdity of that title. But it got your attention, didn't it? It's really true. Nothing in this world led me to God. Everything in this world led me to myself, to my ego, my pride and my comfort and then eventually straight into my fat pants. And then, God used my BELLY fat to get my attention. In my brokenness I FINALLY was desperate enough to seek His help. To Seek Him. I'm not terribly proud of that, but it's the truth. I was so consumed with how I looked and felt that I never even considered God as an option. And that's when

God used my broken pieces to bless me. He USED my belly fat and the defeat of my weight struggle to bless me. To make me into HER; the women He knew I was to become. Below is an excerpt from a social media post. I can't not share it here with you...

~As you may know, I am 47 and after YEARS of struggling to lose The Middle Aged woman weight- I finally figured it out.

I tried and failed ALL of the diets. I paid $$ for fancy pills, shakes and Dr’s to help me. I even tried working out like a mad-woman.

Some things worked for about a week, but then the weight came back. And it lead me to serious state of despair. I was medicated for depression from it, which added more weight and led to my need for nearly every night. And then something happened. I had the courage to PRAY and ask God for help. With my weight loss. I didn’t even see that as vain. Then, He answered my prayer! He told me I hadn’t “been able to find the right weight loss program, because I hadn’t yet written it.”

And so, as HE led me to lose weight, I took notes. And now I HAVE written a weight loss program. It’s called The Seekers Method for weight loss! works! It’s not weight loss the worlds way. It’s the way God showed me.

I coach women, privately, every day to seek God & not a # on the scale. And weight loss becomes a byproduct! Here’s a behind the scenes peak at the things I share, on occasion, inside of our private community.


I praise God for helping me to see that I truly don’t live on Bread alone. For so long I craved bread and the way it gave me such fullness. But now His word is my fullness. The only problem with it is that I still have to make myself STOP consuming it (His word) or else my day is off track (just like bread!). I never imagined that I would be at a point in my life where my eyes no longer feasted on the beauty of food but instead on the truth of Gods word. The sin that kept me ensnared for so long- FOOD & WINE is truly dead. I still can’t believe it and I’m SO in awe of God! Now, I crave His word. I crave obedience and see it as an act of worship. Obedience is an act of worship because it’s His love language. ( That’s a key to unlock a door for somebody.)

There is such much freedom in His word. So much fullness. A fullness that food could never offer and a freedom not found in pasta! Going deeper with God means to truly seek Him, His power and His will. The minute I crucified my pride, my weight loss goals and my own willpower; I stepped onto the narrow path of BECOMING. Becoming the woman He’s intended for me all along. The woman whose days are aligned with His will, supported by His power and fueled by His word. Every day I suffer and I restrain myself, not because I want to be thin. But because I want to see Him. Thank you God, for choosing me and for walking me through this narrow, uphill path... even in weight loss!


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