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New strength against temptation.

This is the scripture that I PRAY when I am weak or feel powerless in any situation. But praying is not enough; the way to step into GOD'S strength is through trusting IN HIM! (EVEN IN WEIGHT LOSS)

So how do you ACTUALLY walk this out in weight loss?? You pray for Him to give you power where you find yourself weak, maybe, say, as you're face to face with a donut or nearly ready to place that Grande SUGAR-filled coffee order at $tarbuck$. AND THIS IS WHERE it happens. THIS IS WHEN YOU TRUST!

You trust that HE WILL HELP YOU! You already prayed for Him to give you power where you are weak....if you have the ability to pray; then have the ability to OBEY! God wants to make you stronger. Stronger so you can live IN

A WORLD where temptation exists at every turn. He won't just magically make everything happen for you. Magic is demonic. God is your FATHER, and He wants to make you Righteous, Strong and courageous IN THE FACE of your tempter! So, SEEK Him, pray and ask for what you need, and then do YOUR Part....obey as you walk in the direction of your prayer!

Walk in the direction OF YOUR FAITH, not your flesh. God will be here to help you every step of the way; but you need to initiate His help through praying and trusting...even in weight loss!!


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