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No is a YES to God's work!

Today I had to move my goal date out a bit. By a month. Why? Because our bodies HOLD ON TO FAT SO HARD! Weight loss is SO dependent upon so my variables. Hormones, food choices, movement, food volume. And the older we get, the harder this is to balance.

Despite having my food dialed in to next to no insulin spikes, I still have to push my goal date out because I'm not THERE yet but I'm so close! I'm pushing it out not because I am pursuing perfection, but because this obedience lesson is hard! If I want the last bit of fat to go I have to focus on the work required instead of the date of arrival.

I’ll get there. I know this because God brought me this far and he’ll take me there too!

I’m sharing this because I want you to see me pulling in to the promised land. I want you to HAVE HOPE that YOU CAN LOSE THIS WEIGHT! I'm only a few steps ahead of you. Looking back on this weight loss journey, what I know for sure is this...This was a long, mostly uphill journey on the narrow path. It was SO hard. I said no to so many cakes, pizzas, margaritas, s’more, pancakes and late nights. And in my NO was a YES to God. A Yes for Him to do work in me. To change me from the inside out. I am SO much stronger today than I was 45 days into the start of this long journey. I am stronger SPIRITUALLY than I have ever been and now, I am stepping into the physical blessings of my spiritual disciplines. I am STILL JUST SO IN AWE OF GOD!

Give God your YES as you say NO to this world. As you say NO to your flesh.

Your EVERY yes brings Him closer and enables HIM to do FOR you what you could NOT do for yourself!

Yes. I have a new goal date. 7/21. I can see my weight loss promised land because of YOU GOD!

Because of Christ in me…the HOPE of Glory! 🙏

I want this for you, too, beautiful! Your ARRIVAL date to your Promised Land rests in your trust in HIM over the trust of your flesh. Give God YOUR YES!


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