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Satan and my belly fat.

The enemy loved it when I was overwhelmed and STUCK in my weight loss struggle. In fact, my progress wasn’t even POSSIBLE until I faced the fact that the enemy was real and that he attacked me, EVEN IN MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY! It wasn't until I awakened to the enemies schemes and began to trust God's Promises that I was able to step INTO weight loss success.

TRUSTING God's word means acknowledging that the enemy exists and wants you STUCK. He wants you defeated. He wants you doubting that you CAN LOSE the weight. He loves to USE US against OURSELVES. When I think of that concept, it fires me up! Think about Eve.

The enemy wanted her to DOUBT God's word. He asked her if God REALLY 'said what He said about NOT eating from the tree's in the garden.' And in that, she doubted what she had known to be true.

Maybe you sometimes experience doubt on your weight loss journey? Doubt that you can do the hard things, say no to the food you can smell, or that you'll even be STRONG ENOUGH to change your ways. The enemy wants you doubting what you can do. Because you CAN DO ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens you...even in weight loss!


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