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how to lose weight and find real joy as you do it.

Weight loss happens naturally when your vision is in alignment with your values. When you have vision; you know where you’re headed. When you know your values; you know HOW to get there with ease. Decisions about food almost become a natural reflex when you know your values and they support your vision. The ease comes from prioritizing what’s important EVERY DAY and releasing the world. For so long I had no idea what my values were; nor did I spend the time to ever really think about them. Looking back, I see now that I used to value the things of the world because it’s what I consumed and produced. I placed value in all things worldy. Like, beauty, prestige, status, connections, & perception. I freely share that with you because it’s just the truth. (But wow is there freedom in that truth.) When I valued this world; I was depressed, defeated, overwhelmed, overweight and self-medicated. And as my story goes, the minute my values changed; my life changed. It was as if God had to TAKE my values from me for me to see how much they didn’t even matter and that I was just playing ‘house’ with my life! Age is taking the beauty I used to covet, and my need to surrender to Gods call on my life has taken my prestige, status, class, & friends. And at first, I was devastated with all of that. But then I realized that I never had those things anyhow; they had me. I was a prisoner to the things I valued. The day I decided to lay down seeking this world and traded it for Him; I stepped into HIS values for my life. As a result of that decision; I lost the depression, defeat, overwhelm, drinking and THE WEIGHT. Now, I can confidently say that my values are forever changed and so has my happiness. Now, I value faith, family, obedience, leadership and joy. And each of those values support the prioritization of the vision God gave me for my life. NOW, I am able to SEE where I’m headed, and prioritize the steps I’m taking with GREATER ease; daily. What NO ONE ever told me is that when your vision is in alignment with what you value, decisions become easier; EVEN IN WEIGHT LOSS. Now I leverage my FAITH to defeat what use to imprison me around food. My faith combined with obedience is my key to weight loss even when I'm faced with temptation. My Faith combined with leadership is how I bridge the gap between diets and seeking for the women I am BLESSED to coach. And as a result; my life now has joy.

Like, real joy.

Even when I’m NOT eating the cake at the party, I feel joy. When I’m NOT drinking the wine after a stressful day; I FEEL Joy. I encourage you today to get a VISION for what is possible in your life, and to assess your values. Having these two things in alignment will allow you to experience joy AS you prioritize your day…even with weight loss!


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