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The counterfeit things that keep us stuck in our fat pants.

One of the hardest truths to wake up to, to face, is how we believe in fake things. So many fake things. We have these habits and thoughts that keep us running to the things, the vices in our lives, for comfort and for relief.

And these are counterfeit options that ruin us, and we don’t even see it because the world has normalized it and so we normalize it. For example, when I was unable to lose weight if I had had an overwhelmingly difficult day, I never stopped and prayed. No, I would run to wine. It gave me what I wanted and with immediacy too. All the while, it stole my weight loss progress, and it weakened my relationship with God. Running to God always gives us what we need but there we are, choosing the counterfeit option because it’s cheaper, and we can have it right now. Would you agree? Sometimes when we need to be made stronger through staying uncomfortable with our food stories, we still turn and run for the comfort when things get just too hard. We’re always in pursuit of the easier button in our lives. Counterfeits are man-made and they take more than they give. Always. Once I realized this, I began seeing how much more worth it it was to run to God because his solutions were an investment in his will over my life. God cannot work in us when we elevate counterfeits above him. So, what false gods, what habits, excuses, or worldly pleasures are you running to these days? What could those counterfeits be costing you? What counterfeits do you need to toss out so that you can invest in the authentic solution? (I mean think about it. God’s ways are not our ways. He’s the designer and the PERFECT option. The counter fit option is always cheaper, and we always get what we pay for.) Those counterfeits give you only what you want, while God will give you what you need, even on your weight-loss journey. He’s the designer model and is always worth the investment even if it’s slower and it takes longer. In weight loss you need to do hard things that sometimes take a while. You need to be patient. You need to put in the hard work, the effort, and you need to practice living surrounded by temptation without always giving into it. All of that makes you stronger and eventually will make you thinner. Sitting on the couch, binging Netflix, drinking away problems, eating emotions, are all false gods with counterfeit solutions. Fake solutions with destructive results. So, what false gods in your life are preventing the one true authentic God from living in you and making you stronger? How can you even identify these counterfeits? You do that by asking yourself, does this habit, this routine, this choice, this answer, this food, this flavor, this television show, this book, or even this person, does this thing give me everything I want and nothing I need? If yes, it’s a counterfeit. An imposter. Identify the counterfeits in your life and get rid of them. And watch what God can do for you then… Even in weight loss.


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