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The kind of SOUL care that causes your belly to shrink. (6 steps)

If you repeatedly suffer on a diet because you constantly think about all of the foods that you miss eating; then it’s time to get excited about change! Knowing WHERE your bad thoughts about food & repeated cravnigs live is the first step in knowing where to serve an eviction notice. The key word in that first sentence is the word ‘think’. You likely think about the foods and then an urge or craving comes up and before you know it, you just ate the big mac and fries and barely remember even tasting it. Anyone? It all started with a thought. (This is all so contrary to what dieting experts tell us...keep reading.) So, where do your thoughts live? In your soul. The minute I learned this; I was able to really start stepping out of my FOMO thoughts and into REAL confidence about weight loss. For so long I was trying to combat my cravings with my mind. Here's what you need to know: You are a Spirit; you have a soul and you live in a body.

(1 Thessalonians 5:23). Your soul is where you mind, will and emotions live. It’s where cheeseburger and pizza thoughts reside. It’s where ‘you’ think about needing wine to undo the stress of life. So that’s where you should focus. Your soul. Your soul is where your thoughts about food start. BUT you’ve been trying to kill these thoughts, in your soul, with your soul and your body. Nope. That’s why dieting just didn’t work for me! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t get food off my mind as I tried to lose weight, so I stopped trying to control it all with my mind. I read what 1 Thessalonians 5:23 said about me…that I am a spirit, soul and body. If that’s what the Bible says, then perhaps that’s the order from which I should lead my life? And I did. And now I’m able to TAKE my cheeseburger thoughts captive and make them obedient to the word of God. I do it in my spirit. So EXACTLY HOW do you do this, you ask? Well, you do it by focusing on God and not the scale anymore. When your focus is on that scale, you’re leading with the body and you’re seeking the worlds approval. (The scale is a medical tool. How come you’re not taking your temperature and blood pressure every morning!?) Stop chasing the number. Start chasing God!

Here are the steps to switch your leadership style for weight loss to actually happen: These are called Spiritual Disciplines.

1. Seek Him every day. Get a bible Study. Buy a Study Bible. (I recommend a Life Application study bible).

2. Pray, talk to God and then pick a meal plan (or, “diet”) and commit to it WITH Him.

3. Pray & talk to God about your food weaknesses. Pray for strength in the areas where you are weak! He’s going to convict you of those areas where weakness lives that you hadn't even considered. (For me, it was staying up late, watching the Bachelor and drinking wine.)

4. Plan your meals. Every day. All day. Pray for strength to stick to the plan.

5. Pray for strength to say no to temptation because you WILL be tempted.

a. If you struggle with any of this; The Seekers Method for Weight loss walks you through

this narrow path, daily.

6. Go to bed earlier, get up tomorrow, do it all over again tomorrow.

This is how you begin to SLOWLY start feeding & strengthening your Spirit, to enable yourself to be SPIRIT led over being Soul led. Your Spiritual strength is FAR more powerful than your will. ('Will' lives in your soul). Now everything I just described is how you actually take CARE of your soul. You allow your spirit to mend it. To re-train your soul by letting it rest as you take leadership in your spirit. You care for your soul and basically tell it that it's not the master of you. And then, slowly, over time you will begin to find little victories over the old food stories. Once you see THIS as real soul care, you will find yourself experiencing physical blessings. Physical blessings COME from Spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines STRENGTHEN you to be able to lead in the spirit, over your soul so that you can FINALLY change your body. All of it with God. So, stop chasing the scale. I tell all of my clients, if you have time to get your nails done and time for the gym, but you have no time for God, expect the journey to be difficult, long and subject to doubt & temptation. Take advice from a Christian Life Coach and seek Him; not the gym! Stop seeing yourself as “on a diet”. See yourself instead as doing serious soul care. When you lead in the spirit, your mind, will and emotions will begin to get in alignment. And when that happens, weight loss becomes a natural byproduct. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll be a changed woman who did it with God, from the inside out! Who you are becoming is FAR more important than just being thin! I encourage you to seek God instead of a number on a scale. He’s going to strengthen and bless you. ...even in weight loss!


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