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the lusts of your flesh, of your eyes and the pride of life...even in weight loss!

I just went live on YOUTUBE to discuss HOW God can help you release your weight loss problems by helping you to see YOUR role. God had to help me transform EXTERNALLY and INTERNALLY by helping me to REMOVE what the World had deposited within me. For SO LONG I was living in the world, for the world

and had become a product of it. And when I tried to lose weight; I was WEAK! I was so focused on vanity for the sake of pleasing the world. UNTIL GOD. He helped me to get set free internally as he stripped away my lusts of the flesh externally. And guess what happened!? Once he helped me to get the right focus, the right goals...weight loss became a byproduct. If YOU are struggling to lose weight I ENCOURAGE you to DILIGENTLY seek God. To prioritize HIM. To pursue His help in releasing you from this world and releasing the world from within you. He did it for me so I KNOW He can do it for you too! To hear today's live video, hit play below. OR you can subscribe to my podcast via THIS link!


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