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The new age movement made me fatter.

Did you know that I was in the NEW AGE movement a few years ago? I bought it all. I believed in the power of the universe, vision boards and manifesting my own destiny by way of my own thoughts & will. And I manifested a lot of dependencies through that journey. I ended up on empty, seeking something bigger and finding nothing. Until God. I know it makes me sound like I've lost it when I share that God spoke to me and TOLD me how to lose weight...but it's true. The best part? I believed Him. When you're born again, you become spiritually alive where you previously had been spiritually dead. Did you know that?? I never knew that. I didn't know then that JUST by trusting God's word and TRUSTING GOD, that I would be set free from the weights of the world. (starting with my own weight). But it's true. My encouragement to YOU is to believe God's word, apply it to your life and trust the process. No one EVER stopped me to tell me that I was lost or that Jesus WAS cool enough to be the answer. Had they done that, I might have found freedom sooner. I want you to find what I have now. I want to be that someone that stops your scroll to point to Jesus. To tell you to believe that He can heal and restore you if you will JUST believe! ...even in weight loss!

The Seeker's Method is opening soon and it's the LAST time you can join for this year.


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