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"The Promise still stands"...even in weight loss!

Quitting when you don’t SEE results seems logical sometimes. But how will you ever succeed with that approach? God WILL strengthen you to DO what you need to do but being strengthened by God takes time. And His work isn’t visible or IMMEDIATE! What could happen THIS TIME, on your WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY, if you decided to keep going? To keep doing the hard things? To keep trusting the promise? To trust what God is doing IN

you? What could God BLESS YOU WITH, if you will just trust him over trusting what you don’t yet see.

He kept shouting to me, “Sherrie, the PROMISE still stands!” I heard this during my weight loss journey. And eventually I realized, I could do hard things if I kept believing WHAT HE SAID VS WHAT I SAW.

God will bless you with GREAT things, but that means walking in FAITH, not by sight. He’s preparing you for GREAT THINGS. Things that will require you to be made stronger TO STAY in the promise once you receive it. Let God strengthen you. Trust Him. And he will lead you to the Promise.

…even in weight loss!


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