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the scale: what happens when you meditate on it?

Do you find yourself constantly watching the scale? Maybe you've heard my podcast, watched one of my LIVE videos, follow me on YouTube or you've read my blogs. And in all OF THOSE PLACES you might find yourself confused in understanding HOW to Seek God vs. a # number on the scale. I get it. It's not logical. But it doesn't need to be because faith defies logic. It doesn't require us to UNDERSTAND everything. If you're struggling to lose weight and you're finding that God seems quiet, and you're losing today's blog entry.

If you’re not feeling Gods presence I ENCOURAGE you to prioritize HIM, your relationship with HIM over everything else. THATS how you seek HIM over a # on the scale. Don’t meditate on what the scale says or doesn’t say. Instead, meditate on God‘s word! That’s what meditation is. The enemy has confused us. He has us worshiping and believing what that scale says. To the point that it BECOMES our daily meditation. Change your focus. Set your sights 100% on God, and what he’s doing in your life, and what he needs you to do as a result of what he’s asking you to do every hour OF every day. When you do this, you will lose the scale. Figuratively and literally. I went into my closet to find my scale on Tuesday. I could not find it. It’s been so long since I’ve had it out, and I don’t even know where I shoved it to keep it from myself. If you are tethered to the scale today, I encourage you to see how it is keeping you tethered to this world. Ask your spouse or your children to hide it. If you’re brave enough, smash it. In my humble opinion, it is a medical tool. If you don’t check your blood pressure every day, why are you weighing yourself every day? The enemy has us putting logic and reasoning in the scale because he wants our minds focused & our eyes looking down, Meditating on and anchored to that scale. The scale offers you everything you hope for and want & nothing you need. Transfer that hearts desire to God. Hope is meant for God. Put your hope in him. He will give you not only the desires of your heart, but everything you need. You know what I’m gonna say next…even in weight loss!


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