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The Secret to my weight loss.

By now you might think of me as the girl who teaches how to lose weight with the Bible. Or, as the one who coaches women to lose weight as they are led in the spirit. But what is all of that anyhow!? What it is, is the difference between living the life God planned for you and living it stuck in your fat pants.

You see, the Bible is FULL of FREE weight loss coaching. I know this because when I finally laid down my stupid ego and CAVED to the voice in my head which kept saying, “Read. The. Bible.” I started to wake up. The scriptures JUMPED out and I began to finish each of them with “…even in weight loss!” I still nod my head in disbelief of HOW TRUE THIS IS! In fact, it’s so true that NOW I can’t read the lessons in the Bible and without seeing how they apply to weight loss. Here’s what I mean. In Genesis 2:16-17 right after God made Adam, He WARNED Adam about wrong food choices! “But the Lord warned Him, ‘You may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden except the tree of knowledge of Good & evil. If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die’”. There it is. Did you find yourself reading that scripture differently? God GAVE ADAM RESPONSIBILITY and TOLD him NOT to eat from the tree of knowledge of Good & evil. He gave HIM A choice! God gives us choices too. We often choose wrongly. Our wrong food choices MAY cause pain (inflammation, spiked insulin, acne, belly fat or increased/perpetual cravings), BUT our wrong choices HELP us grow so we can make better choices. Living with the consequences of our choices TEACHES us to think and choose more carefully. Or at least it should! You see, the message here is OBEDIENCE. And OBEDIENCE is the HIDDEN Key to your weight loss! God wanted Adam to obey. He GAVE him freedom to choose his outcome. Without a choice, he would’ve been a prisoner. And now, for us, WITH our choices we become prisoners. Of our fat pants. Of our ‘diseases’. Every single thing you eat has a consequence. Every single thing that you eat is you choosing good or evil. Good causes you to have health and a byproduct of health is aligned hormones; thus, weight loss. Evil manifests as perpetual cravings, increased hunger, food focus, brain fog, chronic fatigue and bigger fat pants! The way out of this trap is to SEE that it’s a trap. When you obey God and simply FOLLOW your meal plan, He will bless you beyond what your mind can comprehend. I only know because I adopted obedience as my weight loss tool in 2018. And as a result of obeying God, seeking Him and trading the Gym for Him; He’s giving me life. A life I never thought possible. Obedience isn’t easy…on your own. But you’re not on your own; you’re a Christian, walking with the Holy Spirit…even in weight loss!


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