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They are watching you!

Harry doesn’t know I took this picture...

But I want to tell you my truth about how I used to try to control him.

It is a truth I have not shared much before.

They are watching you. Do you REALIZE your impact? I never knew I had the power to change my family for the good. When my husband and I first got married, we both loved to end our every day with alcohol. It just was our thing. We loved all the foods, all the drinks, and the good times that surrounded that combination. But what we didn’t have then, was God. My husband grew up strong in his faith. I grew up going to church just as a social outlet. And when we came together in our marriage, God really wasn’t a part of it; not until he got a hold of me. God began to change me. Slowly, I stepped out of my desire for alcohol. I began to swap what I was running to and instead, ran to God. Of course, it was on my heart to have my husband join me. I wanted him to have what I had. I wanted him to run to God instead of running to his beer every night. I wanted that for two reasons.

1. When he drank alcohol, I WANTED IT TOO! When he ate all the wrong foods, I wanted to eat them too!

2. I could see that he was going to the food & alcohol for what only God could give him. The same way I had been. I wanted him to join me in rising out of this trap. But it wasn’t God‘s timing. God had a plan for my husband and it was separate from The plan he had for me. So, every day, I crucified my desire to control my husbands life and I just leaned into what God wanted me to do. And what he wanted me to do, was to lay down the vices, and to pick up my Bible. And so every night I began to go to bed earlier and earlier and get up earlier and earlier. And slowly, my life began to change. The way I spoke was different. The way I dressed was different. The way I responded was different. And The reason for that was because I stopped consuming the world, and I began to consume the word. Physically I began to become unrecognizable as a result of becoming spiritually recognizable to God. The changes in me were obvious. And they were not lost on my husband. So here we are, seven years later. The man who grew up in church, is back in church. And now, he wakes up every morning to fill his cup up with the living word of God. I’m beyond thankful that God had me do the hard things, surrender my desire to control my husband, and allowed me to experience this view. To see what my husband does in private, to build that relationship with God.

So ladies, if you are wanting to change, but it’s difficult because your husband won’t change or if you are struggling to lay down food or alcohol, encourage you, do it ANYHOW. Your journey is separate from his. Don’t dismiss the promptings of the Holy Spirit because his guidance is for you and you alone. You don’t have to make changes only with your husband. Some women wait or lean on the excuse that they can’t change because their husbands won’t change. But the truth is, He’s watching you. God will strengthen you in the face of extreme difficulties. My plan was for my husband to change with me. God‘s plan was to strengthen me through the adversity of my husband not changing with me. And it made me profoundly stronger! God‘s ways are not our ways. But once we change our ways, and we get in alignment with God‘s plan, miracles happen. Marriages are changed. Families are redirected. Generations are impacted. Your husband, your children, your friends, people around you in general… They are watching you. Do what God is telling you to do. When you step out obediently in the direction of your faith, in God’s timing, the desires of your heart will begin to materialize. Don’t force it, just do what God is telling you to do.

Sherrie Kapala

Christian Life Coach for weight loss


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