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Think about this before you quit...

How many times have you QUIT on your weight loss journey!?? I know I have quit, so many times, on so many weight loss programs. I've wasted SO much money on ALL of them. What I would've given to have JUST STAYED the course when it was hard. This was my thing. I was a professional quitter. But THERE'S HOPE! I had NO idea 'back in the day' that God would and COULD help me on my weight loss journey. But there's hope for you. I'm an open book and I'm sharing EVERYTHING I've learned about activating your faith EVEN IN WEIGHT LOSS!

When it's hard, and the temptations are ALL around you and you WANT to throw in the towel. Don't! Not until you've thought about pushing through the hard things WITH GOD, yes, even in weight loss! Don't quit. SEEK HIM! His word tells us that WHEN we are weak; THEN we are strong! (2 Corinthians 12:10) S E E K HIM in the weakness moments. Stop, go and pray for strength over temptation. Bad days ARE GOING to happen, but they are there to MAKE YOU stronger, not take you longer! Don't LET a bad day, or slow progress mean that you need to quit. Instead, take it to God and LET HIM strengthen you for this journey. He's just waiting for you to invite him to come along with you. LET him make you stronger...even in weight loss!


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