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Weight loss freedom!


For SO long I was a slave to WINE and refused to give it up for weight loss. I had NO IDEA just how much it was impacting my weight loss and what it was teaching my kids about coping with life. What I didn't see (couldn't see) then was that I was NOT only making my problems worse, but the more I ran to food & alcohol for comfort, the further I was running from God. My weight loss didn't happen until I saw just how much I not only needed God, but how much he was using my weight loss resistance problem to BRING me back to him. And in coming back to Him, I found myself, my strength and believe it or not, weight loss. But it wasn't because of anything that I did. But what God did through me. All this month I will be sharing truths from my weight loss journey. I hope you might follow along, especially if you find yourself unable to lose weight, blue/depressed and escaping the stresses of life through food and alcohol. If God can save ME from the false sense of comfort I found in my food & alcohol Idols; HE CAN SAVE YOU TOO!

I encourage YOU to assess WHERE/HOW/WHEN you escape and to WHAT. If you're like me, the VERY thing you're escaping TO is the very thing that's keeping you stuck.

I reasoned wine and ALL the foods because "I deserved them" or "I'd had a stressful day!" Not realizing how they were the key to open my prison cell door. I was STUCK. A prisoner to my own decision that I'd chosen with reason and logic. The world taught me that!

Join me in getting set free by asking God to show you what you're enslaved to and to show you HOW to let HIM be WHO you run to instead of the thing that so easily enslaves you!

...even in weight loss!

The Seeker's Method for Weight Loss opens soon! When we open the doors in September, it'll be the last opening for 2021. Don't miss your chance to START becoming who God meant for you to be all along!


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