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What causes you to sabotage your diet?

In my Christian Life Coaching for weight loss program, called "The Seeker’s Method", I share openly & candidly how God speaks to me through scripture. Somehow I have been blessed with the gift of seeing scripture and understanding how to apply it to my life even in weight loss. And it has freed me, and many of the women inside of my weight loss program. Today I’m sharing with you an example of how I see scripture, and share from the perspective I see when I read God‘s word.

The following post that I am sharing with you is what I truly shared inside of the seekers method this morning. Normally our daily devotionals look a bit different, but right now we are in between the end of the last season of The Seeker's Method, and we are gearing up to start a new season of the program, starting soon. So between now and then, I’m candidly sharing with my private community of Seeker’s, what God is speaking to me as I read the book of Romans. I hope you might consider reading the entry below, as it might be the very thing that you are looking for so that you too might be free to activate your faith on your own weight loss journey.

••Our sin nature...even weight loss.••

Romans 7:14-25. PULL THE🚗OVER AND PARK IT. Day 2 of Romans 7:14-25. So much truth. Conviction. Guidance. Wisdom...even in weight loss! Yesterday Romans coached my heart through an emotional matter. And today, the very same verses, bless my heart with revelation & discernment in a different area of my life. Don’t you love how God works!?

Today, I can’t help but to read Romans 7:14 and see how my sin natur