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What causes you to sabotage your diet?

In my Christian Life Coaching for weight loss program, called "The Seeker’s Method", I share openly & candidly how God speaks to me through scripture. Somehow I have been blessed with the gift of seeing scripture and understanding how to apply it to my life even in weight loss. And it has freed me, and many of the women inside of my weight loss program. Today I’m sharing with you an example of how I see scripture, and share from the perspective I see when I read God‘s word.

The following post that I am sharing with you is what I truly shared inside of the seekers method this morning. Normally our daily devotionals look a bit different, but right now we are in between the end of the last season of The Seeker's Method, and we are gearing up to start a new season of the program, starting soon. So between now and then, I’m candidly sharing with my private community of Seeker’s, what God is speaking to me as I read the book of Romans. I hope you might consider reading the entry below, as it might be the very thing that you are looking for so that you too might be free to activate your faith on your own weight loss journey.

••Our sin nature...even weight loss.••

Romans 7:14-25. PULL THE🚗OVER AND PARK IT. Day 2 of Romans 7:14-25. So much truth. Conviction. Guidance. Wisdom...even in weight loss! Yesterday Romans coached my heart through an emotional matter. And today, the very same verses, bless my heart with revelation & discernment in a different area of my life. Don’t you love how God works!?

Today, I can’t help but to read Romans 7:14 and see how my sin nature limits me in all areas of my life. My sin nature is where comfort & cravings live and I am WEAK against my knowledge of what I should be doing. My sin nature is where bad habits like to rule. My sin nature is what caused me to seek substances, in the form of food or even sometimes alcohol, instead of God. My sin Nature is what caused me to fail at weight loss when I was dieting. But... nobody told me ANY of this. I can look back now and see how much I was a slave to sin. And even now, I can see where I am a slave to sin in other areas of my life still. I love my children, but sometimes I just want to chill out on the sofa watching a marathon of Project Runway instead of hosting a family game night. Because that’s "easier". Because it feels better. Because it’s what I WANT to do. Despite the fact that inside of me, I can hear God saying, “If you want to have that amazing family environment in your life, you must do the things that will create that!”

Yet there I still sit. Aware of what I should do, as I do not do it. And only now as I say these things to you, can I see the truth of James 4:17. That still small voice inside of us recognizes our sin nature as it’s happening. And we recognize that still small voice. But it is our sin nature that causes us to ignore it. And so today, I can see where I still need to make changes. God is not done with me! In fact, he has only just begun. The beautiful thing is I can see now how he used my fat pants, and my food stories to help me identify how I was a slave to sin! How I still am a slave to sin! I want all of the fullness of this life, all of the things that God has promised for me! But! I don’t always want to do the things required to receive all of those blessings! I want the easy button, a lot! But God is telling me, yet again, that He isn’t trying to make this life easier. He’s trying to make me stronger! And so that requires that I crucify my sin nature. Every single day. In every single way, following the guidance of that still small voice. That still small voice is the whisper that will defeat the loud giant that attempts to control us, via our sin nature. This is where the soft whisper becomes the only voice we hear. It requires our conscious decision. We are either dominated by our sinful nature or controlled by the Holy Spirit...even in weight loss!

So today, see the things you need to do not only as you practicing obedience, but as you defeating your sin nature. You taking control instead of being mastered by your flesh. See that what you do every day, matters!! Every single day I get up and sit here and I seek him! And because of that, doing all of the things that I must do in order to make weight loss possible, becomes easier. It doesn’t get easier overnight, but rather with practice. PRACTICE OBEDIENCE. Because that is YOU practicing defeat over your sin nature!

If you would like to enroll in the Seeker's Method for weight loss, I encourage you to follow me on FB where I ALWAYS SHARE when it's open, and how to enroll. You will find a section titled The Seeker's Method on my webpage where you can read more about it, or watch videos describing it. If you're new to me, learn about me and who I am, what I coach by following my FB page, my Youtube Channel or even via my podcast, "Even in Weight loss with Sherrie Kapala"

BTW, the EXTENDED version of this post is recorded on my YouTube channel. It MAY be the deeper dive you need to hear to awaken your senses to this topic. You will find it here.


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