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What I had to learn to lose weight.

Girl. BEING PATIENT during Weight loss IS HARD!

Right? I remember wanting to wake up SKINNY every single day. And when I was dieting, I remember being SO persuaded, daily, by that number on the scale. It was so bad too. If I woke up and the scale didn't move...I was tempted to get impatient. Tempted to find a better, faster way to just lose the weight. And THAT'S WHAT I BECAME SO GOOD AT DOING! I rocked at collecting weight loss programs, investing SERIOUS MONEY and then failing. Quitting on them before I ever even gave them a chance. I JUST WANTED TO BE SKINNY AND I DIDN'T WANT TO WAIT.

And then it happened to me. God and I had a run-in of sorts. And He told me the BEST way to lose weight and it was by seeking Him. Except at that time, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT EVEN MEANT! What I learned as He took me through the weight loss program that He inspired is that I CAN do hard things but that it requires that I leverage and activate my patience. He showed me how I CAME EQUIPPED with patience already within me as a fruit of the spirit. He showed me how to stop trying to make HIM fit MY timeline and to drop into patience and step into His timeline. He had things to teach me about life and about who I was becoming, but it required me being patient. What I didn't know then...what I couldn't know He was preparing me for my weight loss success! He was showing me HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT and giving me the life skills to be able TO KEEP IT OFF. The most amazing part is that I learned all of this as He transformed me into a new person. I person I hardly recognize now. I am so thankful that I believed God and gave him a shot to help me lose weight. Because the minute I started seeking Him instead of the gym; He blessed me by introducing me to the women He's meant for me to become!


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