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What I learned from an old man that changed my weight loss habits.

There once was this old man. He had a desire for something BIG in his life that never happened. He constantly thought about it and felt like it was the ONE THING He never 'accomplished’ in his life. Until a divine encounter. One day he had an encounter with God. God spoke to him and told him that He’d heard his prayers and that He himself would BLESS this 99-year-old man with the desires of his heart. He promised that he’d do even more than the old man could imagine possible for a man of his age. In exchange, the man would be required to make some difficult changes in his life. The man was blown away by the promises and how it would only require a few changes. So, he agreed.

Inspired by his new Faith in Gods promise for BIG blessings, he began to walk out the changes in his life. There were days where he’d hoped that the promises would be delivered because he was worried that he didn’t have much time left on earth. And when doubt and disbelief began to surface, his spirit reminded him of the fact that GOD HIMSELF had made these promises with him. So, he continued in patient obedience to God and repeatedly did what he was told to do physically, being led in his spirit. He knew if he led with his knowing, he’d give up and likely die without ever receiving Gods promises. And in his obedience, it happened. The Promises from God, the Blessings in his life all began to HAPPEN. A few of them started in the man’s life when he was 100, while most came alive after he’d died. His obedience, in the form of spiritual knowing and physical disciplines affected millions of lives for generations to come. All because He, Abraham, prayed and obeyed. As a result of his obedience, Jesus was eventually born. Abraham’s obedience despite NOT seeing results immediately gave way to a lifeline that changed this world!

When I heard this story, it all came flooding to me. EVEN. IN WEIGHT LOSS! At THAT moment, I KNEW that my physical disciplines WOULD have spiritual blessings and my SPIRITUAL disciplines WOULD have physical blessings. But! I had to walk and lead in my knowing. The knowing that I had gained from my spiritual discipline’s. The closer I draw to God; the stronger He made me against temptation, sabotage, doubt and discouragement. As a result of Abraham’s obedience, I saw the importance of obedience…even in weight loss. Doubt happened. Temptation happened. But they didn’t interfere with the promise in my heart. The promise that God made to me when he said, “Seek me; not a number on the scale!” And so, I do. Every day. I exchanged the gym for him. And now, I have the spiritual knowledge to overcome the physical challenges I face daily. All because I continue to obey…even in weight loss!

Choose a weight loss program. And then implement it. And every day, seek God above your goals. Seek him by reading the bible. Start in Genesis. Get the translation that works best for you. And every day, seek HIS strength for YOUR obedience to believe that when you lead in your spirit, you can do ALL things. And then TRUST that despite the difficulty, like the old man, your blessings will begin to happen. But YOU must walk in faith to override doubt and difficulty, with patient obedience. Every. single. day. If I can do this; you can too!


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