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Your Weight Loss Struggle; God’s opportunity.

Isn’t it crazy to think that God could allow struggles in our lives to deepen our faith and to be a set up for his glory? I mean what if your weight loss struggles are truly to bring God Glory?

Do you see how that could be possible? Where might His great glory be displayed in your life, if you trusted him more deeply? Trusting God for "food freedom" is hard stuff! I know because I live with it daily. But for a lot of us that’s because we're so used to being our own strength when trying to lose weight & we have proven to ourselves that we are simply weak. So, when we start seeking God in weight loss journey for strength to do the things we cannot do on our own, it’s a little bit uncomfortable, and we start to let doubt and fear take the wheel instead of letting Jesus take it. Be reminded today that God is the way BUT his way will not be void of major work. It’s just void of all of the responsibility. He knows that you are not strong enough for all of the things that you need to overcome in this season. That is why you are in this season. To be made stronger. He’s asking you to share the responsibility with him. You just need to place your doubt on the altar & KEEP your faith in front of you as you do the hard things required of you. God will free you from the food stuff but it is going to require that you do more than just pray. Exodus 14:15 says that the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!” The Lord told Moses to stop praying and to get moving! Prayer SHOULD have a vital place in our lives, but there is also a place for action. Sometimes we know what to do, but we pray for more guidance as an excuse to postpone doing the work required! If we know what we should do, then it’s time to get moving! Trusting God for weight loss is simply seeing the truth; seeing the big picture and APPLYING IT to your life, in ALL of the areas. I encourage you to evaluate your goal of being skinny or arriving at a certain number on the scale and seeing it as a worldly goal. And in its place, see your weight loss as an opportunity to glorify God. You glorify God when you trust him over your desire to leave the uncomfortable food situations & dive into the temptation that you can’t resist anymore. The Israelites were so uncomfortable on the path to their freedom that they preferred slavery over doing hard work toward their own goal. Exodus 14:12 says, “Let us be slaves to the Egyptian’s. It’s better to be a slave in Egypt than a corpse in the wilderness.” They wanted to be slaves because it was easier, familiar and comfortable. Does that remind you of yourself when you think about how you feel when you want to press the easy button and just eat the lasagna already? Trusting God should be both forward moving while backward praising. Look at how God has saved you from things in your past. This is why I encourage all of my clients inside of the Seeker’s Method to begin collecting an evidence file. He will use even your weight-loss journey for His glory because he knows that your transformation will be the equivalent to the Egyptian’s watching God part the Red Sea that led to their freedom. If you think about it, that act of SAVING the Israelites when they couldn’t save themselves, glorified God and deepened the Israelites faith in him! Your weight loss journey has the power to do that for you and for those watching you. I can reflect now and see how God had a hand in my own weight loss journey in much the same way. My wilderness and deep trust seasons were a set up for his glory! Now he uses my testimony of trusting and obeying him to free other women from their bondage of their food stories and weight loss resistance. To bring these women closer to God instead of closer to a goal. I love Exodus 14:25 when the Egyptian’s say, “Let’s get out of here, away from these Israelites! Because the Lord is clearly fighting for them!”

God will strengthen you and give you power when you are weak. But he needs your trust to make that transaction happen. (Isaiah 40:29-31) Watch out and make sure you are not like a complaining Israelite who longs for everything to be easy and comfortable in slavery to food, instead of positioning yourself to let God reveal his great glory as he parts a Red Sea in your life. The Israelites learned so many lessons the hard way from their wilderness journey. Had they only trusted and obeyed they would have enjoyed the journey from slavery to the promised land. Make sure you were not desiring easy and constant comfort over desiring the ease of being assured and comforted in God’s promises. The Lord told Moses to stop praying and to get moving! So, I’m telling you the same thing right now.

Give God your Trust. Pray and Obey.

You have a role on this weight-loss journey, so arm up and start taking action!

Identify what you need to be doing every day to STAY on the narrow path. To Seek God for strength when you are weak. Trust. Pray. Obey…even in weight loss.


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