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Your weight loss tolerance!

What MISTAKES do you KEEP repeating in weight loss?

You know what they are. It's likely something into a weakness. Not expecting to be SO HUNGRY and shaky that you HAD to eat the pasta because you just felt sick. (This only happens, btw, after we give up pasta; right?)



I couldn't stop the sabotage!

I knew what I wanted to do yet I didn't do anything about it because I was a "prisoner to food!"

To habits.

To cravings.

To impulses.

To 'traditions'.

To comfort.

To easy.

I was SO weak...on my own.

The only thing I could lose when I was trying to lose weight was motivation, money and hope.

And the enemy knew that. He was banking on me being stuck and he loved every minute of beating me at my own game USING ME AGAINST MYSELF!

Can you relate to that!????

I can't be the only one here?? Hello?????????

God woke me up and showed me how the enemy was lurking. How he was JUST WAITING for me to be predictable so he could kill, steal and destroy everything that I wanted! And the minute I saw this...I went deeper.

In my faith.

In my trust.

In my knowing that the only way OUT OF THE HARD THINGS WAS THROUGH IT! And it meant I had to SHAKE OFF everything the world had taught me about weight loss. I had to kick willpower, dieting and the scale to the curb. I had to BELIEVE in God's power and in what HE could do in, for and through me. And IN THAT ONE DECISION TO TRUST...I found the way out. I found the strength to do what I needed to do. I found the power to overcome my weaknesses and my obstacles. In the decision to TRUST GOD instead of the world and my feelings, I stepped into GOD'S GRACE. I suddenly had ALL of the strength to do what I needed to do in order to undo what had been done to me. And with God's help...I found freedom from my fat pants. I found strength to stop putting up with whatever the enemy was doing to me. I had the power to stop being the weapon formed against myself.

But it all came to me when I trusted God.

My encouragement for you today is to Trust God; even in weight loss! He WILL help you, but He's waiting for you to ask him for help! ...even in weight loss!!!


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