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the hidden biblical SECRET TO weight loss success!

I'm going to share the NUMBER one thing that has changed my life because it helped me to FINALLY lose my middle-age belly fat. It's not a pill. A shake. Or a painful workout program. Nope. It's my spiritual discipline of Seeking God. If you follow me, you KNOW that I teach women to seek GOD and not a number on the scale. You likely know too that I have a Christian Coaching program FOR weight loss where I teach women to activate their faith life so they can position themselves to FINALLY lose weight. To find their joy. To fill the 'void' they sense deep inside. You probably know I have and say all of those things. But here's what you can learn w/o being a client. My secret weapon. What GODS WORD taught me about willpower and MOST importantly, discipline. The world teaches us about willpower on the journey to weight loss. GODS WORD teaches us about DISCIPLINE as we step into GOD POWER to COMBAT sabotage & temptation and create an environment for weight loss TO HAPPEN! From the INSIDE OUT. So I know you're probably asking yourself, "where does the Bible say this!?" Turn your Bible to 1 Corinthians 9:27. This scripture is a PERFECT example of how Gods Word teaches us to DISCIPLINE ourselves. Discipline is a component of self-control. Self-Control is a fruit of THE Holy Spirit. If you're a Christian you HAVE The Holy Spirit living within you which means you HAVE self-control and thus; discipline. But!!! You have JUST NOT been taught how to use it! Get ready: here we go! You see DISCIPLINE is the key to FREEDOM as a Christian. I know. Makes no sense and so much sense at the same time. In 1 Cor 9:19-27 Paul shows us how HE experienced Freedom as a result of disciplining himself. In the case of being a Seeker, and seeking GOD and not a number on the scale, it's IMPERATIVE that you understand that disciplining yourself to SEEK him over the gym is the answer! If you have TIME to workout; exchange THAT discipline for God time. If you have NO desire to workout; sit in a chair and start reading your bible. (Or sign up for the Seekers Method and I'll TEACH you how to create a spiritually disciplined life). Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 that WINNING AT ANYTHING in this life WILL require discipline. Being a Christian means you consciously chose to walk on the narrow path as you seek to release your worship of COMFORT in exchange for maturity and growth! It IS HARD WORK. It will require that you deny yourself SOME THINGS. It will require that you plan and prepare your life a little more. ALL in the name of WHO you are becoming and not just ARRIVING at a skinny size 6. You can't phone in your spiritually disciplined life. You can't expect to be changed from the inside out by reading a scripture a day on your bible app while you eat your toast and watch the today show. NO. DO. THE. WORK. The scripture says "I run with purpose in EVERY STEP...I discipline my body like an athlete, in training." You yourself KNOW that athletes don't wake up READY to run the race. They say no to the toast. They say NO to the Today Show. They DON'T phone in their 'workout routine.' They DO the work. You must do the same with yourself. If you WANT something different than what you're currently experiencing; you have TO DO something different with your time. Not all at once. Baby steps. Start by just opening your bible. Maybe start by requesting my free 7 day experience. Or-install the Bible App and start reading a 'study plan' according to the topic you feel you need right now in your life.

The point is this. You NEED discipline in your life to grow and mature. Even in your faith. Even in your weight loss. Your SPIRITUAL disciplines WILL lead to Physical blessings as your faith deepens IN GOD and lessens in yourself. As you FEED your spirit; you strengthen it. You enter into a relationship with GOD and start to receive HIS spiritual strength to overcome your FOOD STORIES, temptation and even sabotage. When your spiritual disciplines begin to pick up momentum through repetition, weight loss will become the physical byproduct. And as you begin to stand up and walk in the spirit in this way, you will find that your physical disciplines become easier and thus you will find yourself having spiritual blessings. It's all a part of Gods perfect plan! But He's NOT going to come down and just MAKE you skinny. He expects YOU to act. And your role here is to begin by seeing that you MUST discipline yourself. Start by disciplining yourself to SEEK GOD- DAILY- instead of a number on the scale. More of HIM MEANS less of you. Literally!



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