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"I don’t teach women how to lose weight. I teach women…"

This Life Coaching for weight loss thing is so new to me. I never knew I was going to do this with my life. I had my eyes set on being a Corporate Executive with a big salary and fancy things. And for a while, I did have that. Until it left me empty, heavy and sad.

And that’s when God revealed His plan for my life, to me. I never knew that seeking HIM could help me to fill the void of emptiness inside of me AND lead me to WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS. Still, I’m baffled by it. But it’s true. And now, when I say I’m a Christian Life-Coach for weight loss, it’s obviously a confusing image for most women. “You’re a what?” “What does that mean?” LOL. I get that a lot. Here’s the truth though. I don’t teach women how to lose weight. The weight loss program that God authored through me isn’t your typical, “Eat this food, drink these shakes, do these exercises and report your progress” kind of program. No. The truth is I teach you HOW to be obedient. Obedience isn’t something that most of us like to willingly step into. We want comfort, control and maybe an easy button. But the truth is, obedience is the way through ALL of what ails you on your weight loss journey. When you put your faith in God, and you seek HIM, you start to see that your obedience to HIS ways means freedom for the things that are hard for YOU to do on your own. Obedience is the way to make ANY meal plan work because in obedience you learn to crucify your flesh, surrender your pride and release the willpower lie. Obedience is where self-sabotage meets its grave. So, when I tell women that I am a Christian Life Coach for weight loss, what I really mean is I introduce you to Jesus and show you how to walk WITH him through every area of your life, even in weight loss. Most of us are taught to seek God for miracles, strength, courage, health, abundance, relief, and blessings. But the truth is God is seeking YOU to experience Him in everything you do, leveraging HIS strength over your strength. What NO one is telling you is that God doesn’t want your sacrifice’s in EXCHANGE for the blessings for weight loss. NO! He wants your OBEDIENT heart, seeking HIM for strength...even in weight loss! If you are ready to truly step into THIS sort of seeking, then you may want to consider working with a Christian Life Coach who teaches you how to be obedient; even in weight loss. The Seekers Method will be open for enrollment starting at the beginning of May. However, I will be taking 10 women through The Seekers Method Experience starting on April 27th. If you are interested, you can learn more via this link, and if you’re interested in a week of free coaching from a Christian Life Coach, sign up for the wait list on that page. At the end of The Seekers Method Experience week are discount codes given ONLY to the women who do the 7-day coaching. If you’re READY for change from the inside out, then I hope you might consider joining the free week of coaching.

If the women I coach can lose weight by seeking God instead of a number on the scale; you can too! Sign up for free, today.

We start on 4/27. The 1st 10 women to sign up are IN!


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