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What hinders your weight loss?

What hinders you in weight loss? Maybe the idea of Thanksgiving foods? I know they used to hinder me. I'd HOPE for good choices at Thanksgiving and then eat all the wrong things. Twice on Thursday and then for breakfast on Friday. I know I can't be alone with that, right!?????

Until God.

Now I KNOW what hinders me and causes me to spiral out of control. I know now what is sin to me and I have the REAL tools that actually keep me from sinning...even in weight loss.

But I didn't have an awareness of my hindrances nor did I have an ability to over come them when I did weight loss without God. He IS my source of self-control.

I hope you might open your Bible today and look up Hebrews 12:1. Think about what it says about your hinderances and ask God about the throwing off part. His strength to do what HE tells you to do about the sins that so easily entangle you...even in weight loss!


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