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THIS YouTube Video and the attached PDF is ALL you need if you are ALREADY concerned about how you'll do on Thanksgiving. Maybe you're worried that you'll be too tempted to stay true to your meal plan? Maybe you're worried that you'll be unable to say NO to the "food pushers" at Thanksgiving? MAYBE you're an emotional eater who's already stressed about life drama and you are WORRIED that you'll eat your emotions? I get that. OR're already planning to cheat on your meal plan????? Whatever scenario best describes you, I HAVE BEEN THERE! And now, God is equipping me to EQUIP AND PREPARE YOU! You may not need another weight loss HACK. You likely, however, do need REAL answers on HOW NOT TO RUIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS JUST BECAUSE IT'S THANKSGIVING!

I teach women how to get OUT of their own way with weight loss. This means HOW to get unstuck in their thoughts, feelings and actions. So many of us are STUCK believing LIES that have ensnared us to the point of bondage. Do you have a Thanksgiving FOOD story? Are you constantly giving in to things that keep you sabotaging your weight loss? I used to be that way. I believed all of the lies that I told myself until God freed me with the truth. NOW He's blessed me as a Teacher to share with you HOW to get unstuck with your thinking so you CAN STOP the cycle of self-sabotage. This video is a SNEAK PEAK of what it's like to be inside of The Seeker's Method for weight loss. Every Sunday I do a LIVE video with the women inside of TSM where I help them SET THEIR MINDS on the right things for the forthcoming week. Sometimes I teach them about food, sometimes about water or fasting. Often I teach them how to LIVE OUT God's word...even in weight loss. In this video I am giving them SUCCESS TIPS so they can be FREE to succeed on Thanksgiving. My hope is that this broadcast will bless you as you listen in and see what it's like to be coached by a Christian Life Coach for weight loss.

BONUS! Because I also help women to assess their thoughts and to take them captive and MAKE them obedient to GOD'S Word...I have attached a special gift for you. I teach women to become aware of their thoughts by answering questions. The attached PDF contains the questions I asked in this YOUTUBE video. I hope it blesses you and helps you get out of your own way!

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