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what 1 thing to change to lose the weight.

As I read Andy Stanley's quote, "Vision brings order to Chaos" I couldn't help but end it with...even in weight loss. Because it's true. If you feel out of control with your weight loss journey, then this blog entry is for you! Having a vision for your weight loss journey ISN’T just about an image of yourself in a swimsuit, feeling good about yourself as you step onto the beach for your family vacation. No. Not in the context I’m going to share with you today. Vision in this sense is about the Chaos that sometimes accompanies weight loss. You know, the confusion about the diets to employ or the frustration you sometimes feel over the overwhelming urge to eat the bread despite your desire to fit into your swimsuit. No. I’m referring to seeing yourself bringing order to the chaos of weight loss and getting a vision for what it ALL must look like in order for you to step into your weight loss successfully…this time. So many times, routines we follow for weight loss begin to feel pointless. Especially when we don’t wake up skinny in the mornings. We begin to feel defeated because it all seems like it’s leading to nothing. Ever been there? What if you take those routines that support a life where weight loss is possible, and you see them differently? For example, see the meal planning and prepping as parts of the picture you’re stepping into. See the daily discipline and obedience to your meal plan as the exercise that God is stepping you through to strengthen you so that WHEN you step into the VISION He has for your life; you’re equipped to hold on to your new reality. See your daily surrender of will power in exchange for God Power as the means of becoming the woman God intended instead of just arriving at swimsuit model status. What I’m suggesting is that you see things through the lense of HOW you will arrive at your vision, and what THAT will need to look like and not JUST the lense of arriving at skinny. There’s a difference. When you SEE things that need to happen daily as PART of the process, it really does bring order to the monotony & the chaos that surrounds your thoughts about the process. “A clear vision enables you to see everything differently.” My prayer is that today you will get a vision for what 'could be' in your life, and to seek God’s strength to accomplish it. Seek His will and vision for your hours, days and future and watch how easily you step into it…even in weight loss!


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