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What's evil...even in weight loss?

What if your habits and self-sabotage are just the ways that the enemy uses you as an evil instrument of destruction against yourself?

I mean, do your self-sabotaging habits in weight loss bring you sorrow? Distress? Misfortune?

I had NO idea JUST how prevalent EVIL was on my weight loss journey and I was combatting it in all the wrong ways.

Look up this scripture and see just how much it applies to you, even in weight loss!

There’s a way to stop being a weapon used against yourself and it’s through realizing that your strength and power resides in your Spirit. Under the leadership of God, not your flesh, your feelings or this world. What I teach my clients inside of The Seeker's Method ALL the time is to pursue righteousness. We're to NOT be instruments of evil but instruments of righteousness. So how do you do that EVEN IN WEIGHT LOSS? With right choices. It's that easy. In all areas of your life, JUST make right choices. You already know what you should do. SO DO THAT. And when it's hard, surrender your 'flesh' and will to do what's easy, quick, familiar, comfortable and instead, seek God to make you stronger and to give you the WILL to do what's right. He will do that! I know because He's helped me to stop the evil practices in my life and THAT put an end to my sorrow, anxiety and weight loss resistance. If he can do this for me...He can do it for you too!

The Seeker's Method for weight loss opens for the last time this year, in September. Sign up for the wait list today!


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